Sauce Labs Introduction Course 2018 - How to analyze tests in Sauce Labs - (Enroll for Free)

Sauce Labs Introduction Course 2018 - How to analyze tests in Sauce Labs - (Enroll for Free)
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    So while you weren't looking, I quickly installed flashed, I basically just
    clicked on the link that Sauce Labs told me to click and then I allowed my
    browser to use flash. And so what that did is allow me to watch videos. Let's go
    ahead and take a look at one of these jobs that we executed one of the tests.
    So, you can see first of all that the test was successful, you can also see the
    operating system, and; the browser that it ran on, you can see the little check mark
    here, for the tunnel had, I did, I if I had a tunnel, this would have been green or
    red I forget, but I didn't have a tunnel setup because my website is available to
    the whole internet so I don't need a tunnel. You can also check more
    information here by clicking on the more you can see all of this information the
    date and the duration and all that kind of stuff. So, if you look here, you'll see
    that there are some commands, there are a bunch of commands here and if you click
    on each of the commands, you can see that there are different actions happening as
    you click on the command. For me I usually find it very helpful to use the
    commands that only have screenshots so I'll come here and I'll click have
    screenshots. So now, I'll only see what is really relevant and that's these
    commands that are being performed that do have a screenshot, see that? So that's
    all the steps and you can go back on all the steps if you want and then you can
    even play it, and so this are the screenshots that are being played you
    can see each of the commands being executed. The other thing to note here is
    that there are logs. There are the Selenium logs, which is really the JSON
    wire protocol and that is being utilized to talk to selenium. I personally have
    not used these very often simply because they're just so over
    balls that it's gonna take too much time for me to analyze them so I rarely use
    them. However, look you do have the option to download them if you would like and
    analyze stuff if stuff really goes weird. There's also the metadata tab, which
    tells you all the metadata, about the test, everything that is irrelevant. And
    then my favorite tab here is the watch tab, this is what happens when I
    downloaded the Flash Player it was super quick was it recorded a video for me
    which is my favorite feature of Sauce Labs by far. Now the video recording and
    the parallel testing capabilities, because the video recording makes it so
    easy to analyze your test failures because there's an exact record of what
    happened when the tests ran. And so that is like I said my favorite feature and
    so that video is here. And of course, if you want to download it that is
    available for you to download. So, that's how you analyze the test if you wanted
    to go back to the dashboard, and see a test failure, that's right here, and again
    you got all the commands here, if you want to see, and then if you wanted to
    watch the video you can go watch the video and see what happened and why did
    the test really fail, here you can see it running, and something happened there,
    that we're not sure about, but we can't figure that out.
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