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Vlog #30 How to climb a date tree in Dubai, UAE

Vlog #30 How to climb a date tree in Dubai, UAE
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    Thanks for watching a vlog of NN in Wonderland.
    This time Dubai.
    Linda was so sweet to take me to the airport.
    We are on time.
    Very on time.
    Thanks for watching the vlog of NN in Wonderland.
    It's 25 degrees.
    At 0700 am.
    I just rang the door at Khadija's.
    Would be nice if she opens the door...
    I am in.
    It's so nice.
    Actually really hot.
    I wanted to show you the date tree.
    A date tree must be fertilized.
    This is a ladies villa. No men allowed.
    So these date trees are also female.
    They should be fertilized by a male tree.
    The gardener dropped by and said: "You know what, I will search for a male tree and
    I will get some kind of a...
    I didn't check the story btw..
    A stick, a something.
    He would go all the way up in the tree.
    He puts something in it and
    And then we will have dates in August.
    We will pick dates in August.
    From this tree.
    I will show you know how we are going to do that.
    Attempt number 1.
    In April.
    To see if it will work.
    Make this strong.
    Wrap it.
    Perhaps double, so it doesn't break.
    Let's do it!
    Say what?!
    How are you going down?
    I don't know!
    I didn't think of that...
    My feet are hurthing a bit.
    This is how we go up.
    Lesson number 1.
    What if I fall down?
    Where are we going?
    We are going to Umm al-Quwain.
    You only have camels there.
    And people that don't speak Arab, no Urdu, no nothing.
    You said Illie before right?
    We are used to that right?
    We are going for a ride.
    We are going to Umm sequm.
    I can never pronounce it. Umm sequin.
    With our car. Borrowed. It's huge!
    We are here.
    I am covered up.
    Something like that.
    I am gonna play a bit.
    The heat is gone.
    Behind me you only see
    construction, construction, construction.
    It looks like I am in the middle of the desert, right?
    Ah no, we are not in Dubai.
    Something like that.
    This is so much nicer.
    To sit like this at the back of the car.
    Like a...what was it again?
    Burned chicken she said. I don't know.
    Hungry! When not...?
    So we are going to order.
    I just saw a Lamborghini!
    We just order in the car. They come all the way to car.
    You just drive around and around.
    You can not just go to people and invite them for a drink.
    It works like this:
    Show us!
    Window halfway down.
    If the other also opens the window halfway down.
    Then you can exchange numbers.
    It happens!
    If your window is all the way down.
    And the food is also ready.
    We are at Zaineb.
    And we are going to eat camel meat.
    Camel with rice.
    What's the difference between these two?
    Really nice.
    Today is Easter.
    We are going to hide the eggs.
    So I called everyone together.
    because it's gezellig right?
    We are having a Easter breakfast.
    In this plant?
    I stood on something sharp.
    Thanks for watching this vlog of NN in Wonderland.
    And see you next time!
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