2018 Quantrell and Graduate Teaching Awards

2018 Quantrell and Graduate Teaching Awards
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    DAVID FREEDMAN: A good professor can
    make almost any topic come to life if they really
    are excited by it.
    I have students that join my lab that
    are doing research full time.
    And it's really working one on one with them
    as colleagues that is one of the most
    rewarding parts of the job.
    NADINE MOELLER: I want my students
    to leave this university having gained
    a good measure of curiosity.
    Wherever they go, just have an open mind about things
    around, and just really try to explore
    and take in the history of a place.
    JOHN BREHM: The structure of my class
    is not organized around problem sets.
    Problem sets are fundamentally boring.
    I think the purpose of the class is
    to be able to draw on a rich set of social information,
    political information, and make comparative statements
    about what is more probable than something else.
    KIMBERLY KAY HOANG: I always say to students
    that they should challenge me, and we
    should engage in a productive, constructive debate.
    And I find that to be the most fun and the most interesting,
    both for me, because it's where I learn a lot from them,
    but also for them, in these moments where
    I see them read something with a different lens
    or think about it differently.
    And I think those moments in the classroom
    are just really magical.
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