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Actor Les Miles performs 3 classic movie scenes

Actor Les Miles performs 3 classic movie scenes
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    A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a
    nice Chianti.
    If you could play a character in a movie what kind of horror character would you
    want to play? I'm the vampire. There's no question
    about it. Right? I mean let's tell it the way it is.
    I'm not gonna be the guy that walks into the house,
    sees the basement door open, let's walk down, it's pitch-black he hits a light
    switch, the light switch doesn't turn on. I'm not that guy that goes down into
    that basement. I'd much rather be the vampire.
    S Les, what led you into pursuing acting? Well I've always been a great fan of
    movies. My family is a movie going family and we would always talk about the movie
    after we left. We would say best things, worse things, was worth the cost the
    cost of attendance, and we would critique the movie extensively. And when I was an
    assistant coach more I would travel a lot
    and I would sit next to somebody I would ask what they did, where they were going
    about their family and I basically was shopping careers. Like I said I've had a
    lot of life's experiences and I think that I can be an asset on a movie set
    telling a story. My daughter's having great fun at my expense.
    If you'd come to me in friendship, this scum who ruined your daughter would be
    suffering this very day. Les when did you land your first acting gig? Well,
    When the Game Stands Tall was about a coach that had great success and you
    know some of the stories that surrounded that team. And I played myself. Camera
    Obscura is a camera that could see the future. I played a policeman.
    Sir I'm gonna need you to step back. Angry Men is about the Challenger and really
    the most compelling story. It documents what is a poor decision in a flawed
    process. What is the probability of primary and secondary o-ring failure?
    I don't understand your question. Quantify.
    How do you quantify a train is coming? You look down the tracks, and you see a
    train is coming. I'm telling you to do it! Quantify your results! What do you hope
    to gain from this experience? Well first of all it's a challenge. Any time that
    you take lines and you have to make them communicate at a very high level,
    that's that's a challenge. I think I'm challenged by the preparation, I think
    I'm challenged by the moment, delivering the lines you know with emotion with
    insight to the situation that's going on. Who am I really speaking to? I certainly
    have a lot to pick up and learn and I'm enjoying it so as long as I can
    contribute and can be a part of some really quality projects, I like my I like
    my acting I guess you can call it career.
    We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight. tTday we
    celebrate our Independence Day.
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