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Ask Me Anything About Passing a Road Test, Driving or CDL Jobs :: Smart Sunday #40

Ask Me Anything About Passing a Road Test, Driving or CDL Jobs :: Smart Sunday #40
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    Hi there smart drivers. Rick with smart drive test with the new computer. It
    finally came. We finally got started so yes and I'll make sure that I'm not
    looking at the microphone I'm looking over here at the camera and talking to
    you the smart drivers who were here on the channel and yes and there I sit on
    the computer screen with the Funny grin on my face I'm looking to get started
    here and the color is a little bit off I'm just gonna adjust the color here a
    little bit and see if I can get that going for you but yeah just bear with us
    on the technical challenges that we're having here so what do we need to do
    just bump up the contrast bump up that a little bit there we go bump that up save
    that should that should fix that there we go so new computer iMac pro we're
    very excited about this and Peter's here hi Peter and what else did I get done
    today I managed to finish up the defensive driving course and it for the
    for the next two weeks the defensive driving course for anybody who purchased
    the defensive driving course it's $9.99 for two for the first two weeks it's out
    there a very good resolution thank you so much tool as I said yes the new
    computer finally for price three times tried to
    get it going so yes I'm very happy about the new resolution the old computer the
    processing just would not keep up so Corey's here bricks four wheels that's
    Corey Corey is doing the moderating and good evening Corey thanks everybody I
    apologize for getting going here Brett late just transferring all the
    information over to the new computer yes if you had any videos I'm backing around
    the corner yes live in the video you're looking for is two-point reverse turn is
    the video that you're looking for and that is a maneuver that they could
    potentially ask you on a road test so it's called two-point reverse term and
    that's essentially backing around a corner
    Silas is here teaching road signs and right of way on a four-way stop yes I do
    Silas there's a general overview of right-of-way there's a video
    on two-way stops and there's a video on four-way stops and Coryell find that
    information for you Cory is really good at that
    Arion with people I've always wanted to be a city bus driver do you have any
    tips for me yes Arion there is a video are not a video but a livestream rather
    that I did a few weeks ago and Cory might be able to find that for you it's
    on becoming a transit bus driver and what you need to do in order to become a
    transit bus driver some of the things you should consider and should think
    about now Ariane is there anyone in your family that is a transit bus driver
    currently that would work as a role model or as a mentor for you because
    that'll help you out too and the other thing I'll just say Arian about transit
    bus drivers that's a really good question about working as a city bus
    driver one of the things that they've moved towards now is not so much about
    being able to drive the bus but really what they're looking for in terms of
    being a transit bus driver is they're looking for attitude they're really
    looking for you to be able to work there and you know have a great attitude have
    great customer service that's really what it's about because the rest of it
    they can they can teach so driving lessons by Big Macs Sam this is Sam
    Arroyo Sam is from the Bronx in New York City there and is a driving instructor
    in teaches there so if anybody has any questions and actually Sam you're not
    late I was late tonight because I was transferring over the data for the new
    computer I'm very excited about the new computer and for those who you don't
    know the story about the computer I purchased a new iMac in the fall so it
    was in late October I got it up and running in November the I had troubles
    with the computer ever since I first got it it crashed three times and finally
    the last time it crashed it had to go back into the store cuz they said they
    just couldn't help me over the over the phone in terms of customer support
    support and finally the last time it went in I said to Apple I said I don't
    want it back I said I want you to take it back give me a refund for me for it
    and I will upgrade to an iMac Pro which the iMac Pro is just came out in
    December and if you look got them they're a really really
    high-end computer so so that's what I'm live-streaming to you tonight I was
    trying to get that transferred over with the backup and that sort of thing and I
    got it up and I got it working in time to do the livestream so I'm a half an
    hour late so you're not late Sam it was actually me tonight so crazy and lazy
    when turning left should you be scanning for stop signs
    across the way to see if you should yield to through traffic you should
    definitely be scanning the cross traffic crazy to be not so much looking for
    through traffic but what you should be looking for is looking for pedestrians
    who might be crossing the street on the cross traffic that's what you need to be
    doing so oh yeah ah yes match rev now you're gonna hear my little pet peeve
    about match revving okay there are some channels here that will tell you that
    match revving is something that's going to improve your driving that's baloney
    absolutely baloney rev-matching has absolutely no place in everyday driving
    of a manual transmission okay the purpose of rev matching it is a
    racing technique and the purpose of Reb matching of using your heel toe on the
    brake and throttle at the same time is to throttle up shift down and maintain
    the same speed and the reason for that is when you go into a corner in a
    rear-wheel drive vehicle when you're racing at high speeds when you brake you
    lift the back end of the vehicle up so what race drivers are doing is when they
    Rev match they're throttling up they're maintaining the same speed in a lower
    gear and then they're maintaining the equilibrium in the vehicle so the back
    end doesn't lift up because if the back end lifts up at a high speed in a corner
    what's gonna happen is you're gonna get what's called over steering where the
    back end of the vehicle kicks out and that's what racecar drivers are
    preventing when they Rev match in everyday driving just slow the vehicle
    down and then just shift down it has absolutely no place in everyday driving
    and these race car drivers who are rev-matching in a manual transmission on
    a track have spent thousands and thousands and thousands of hour
    rev-matching I have been double-clutching for ever since I was in
    my early 20s actually probably before that when I was on the farm
    double-clutching nan synchromesh transmissions and even I don't get it
    right in my car because my little Honda there when you're going up a hill you've
    got to come down and you've got a double clutch to get a nice smooth shift on a
    hill to get it going so rev-matching if you're just driving
    everyday manual transmission you don't need to rev match okay alright so an art
    practising for the DMV in Lincoln Nebraska class Oh license
    how should I adjust my speed to make a left turn or right turn at a signal or a
    stop sign so anarta if you're not coming to a stop
    on a right turn you have to get down to sort of eight to ten miles an hour and
    on a left turn it's going to vary depending on how big the intersection is
    on a left turn you're going to be anywhere from sort of 12 to 25 miles an
    hour on a left turn and again on a right turn you're gonna be sort of 10 to 12
    miles an hour and you want to get to that speed before you start making the
    turn that's going to really help you out in terms of your turns get your speed
    first and then work the steering wheel in higher vehicles
    commercial vehicles when you're shifting a non synchronous transmission those
    types of things we always tell students get into the gear that you're going to
    go around the corner in before you start going around the corner in that way it's
    going to allow you to have more control when you're going around the corner
    alright this video on right-of-way is recommended learning to drive and
    determine the right-of-way give right away to others there you go so that's
    all good yes and how to learn to drive there are a couple of exercises in that
    video that are really good and I come back to again I say this again and again
    and again to students if you're asking me how much you have to turn the
    steering wheel or when you should start turning a steering wheel on a corner you
    really should go back to the parking lot and do the exercises in that video and
    master the primary controls of the vehicle the steering wheels the brake
    and the throttle once you master those three controls and you can back up
    around corners you can back up in a straight line for a
    long distance you can background corners and those types of things then carry on
    and start moving out onto the road but you really got to master the
    fundamentals of driving before you start going out onto the roadway okay Liam
    what is your preference for a hand over hand versus hand to hand steering the
    taught us hand to hand because of airbags and driver's ed but I really
    dislike it okay Liam yeah I don't like hand to hand either there just isn't
    enough control and you can't move the steering wheel fast enough I am really a
    hand-over-hand person and I did they give you a reason
    Liam about why hand-to-hand they felt that that had something to do with
    airbags the only thing that I have heard about airbags is that we've moved our
    hand position to eight and two which is in my mind uncomfortable and does not
    allow you to have good control over the vehicle and eight and two is because of
    the airbags come deploying out and what happens is you get forearm injuries you
    get broken forearms and those types of things so that's the only other reason
    so so yeah hand to hand unless the driving Authority where you're gonna
    take your test requires you to do hand at hand for the purposes of the test I
    would just do hand hand over hand okay otherwise you know just move on with it
    all right okay so we got all that an artist
    question we got that Sam is here so Sam here's a question for you Sam if you're
    still there did you notice a big downturn in the number of students and
    driving tests that you were doing at the end of April like sort of through the
    the last three weeks of April and into the first week of May and now it's
    starting to pick up again once we're getting into the end
    early June because I'm just trying to gauge the viewership on my channel
    versus what's really happening sort of in driver education and the number of
    students and whatnot who are actually getting a license so have you noticed a
    downturn in April there in terms of driver's tests and whatnot there we got
    okay random random guy does it hurt when you get hit by near near what it got cut
    off there oh okay if you get hit by an airbag it airbags
    when they first appeared on high in cars and when they first came out in the late
    1990s there were quite a number of people who in fact were being injured by
    airbags because what happened was is they they didn't have the timing of the
    airbags quite right what was happening was is that the collision was occurring
    the person was coming forward and as the person was coming forward the airbag was
    still deploying and it was still inflating so what happened was the the
    person's body was coming forward like this even if they were restrained by a
    seatbelt their head and whatnot was coming forward the airbag was coming out
    and you were getting a collision and oftentimes for many people with airbags
    in the early adoption of airbags on cars people would get broken under their eyes
    their skull would their I this part of their face would be broken their nose
    would be broken and they would sustained serious injury to their face now airbags
    are much better because now what's happened is they've got the timing right
    on the airbags so when the person is coming forward the airbag has already
    fully deployed and when the person's face hits the airbag the airbag is
    beginning to deflate so airbags are much much better now than what they were when
    they first came out in the late 1990s uh
    yeah Sam I had a way it was odd because I was doing Veda in April doing a video
    every day in April and I was thinking that the views on my channel we're gonna
    go up when in fact my channel just tanked in April so it was pretty pretty
    disappointing doing all of those videos on Veda and then just see the tip
    channel tanked so yeah that's what happened okay food what is the perfect
    time to warm up a normal car and start driving
    Fuad you need 15 seconds you need the oil pressure to come up and as soon as
    the oil pressure comes up you can start driving now of course the vehicle is the
    engine is still cold it's not warmed up so only drive it moderately for about 15
    or 20 minutes until the all the operating temperature comes up and then
    you can start really whaling on it after a while and racecar drivers and other
    car enthusiasts will tell you that as well don't start gassing on it until it
    actually warms up but you but you only need the oil pressure to come up and
    then you can start driving it moderately if it's a fuel-injected vehicle okay
    Liam they teach three and nine and said with hand over hand your arms are
    crossing over the steering wheel more so there's a higher likelihood for injury
    okay that Liam that makes sense that definitely makes sense because that's
    one of the things that we teach in martial arts if somebody's got their
    arms crossed like this we grab this arm here and put it over but you know
    there's there's a possibility for injury but I think I think it's I think it's
    low I don't I'm not sure I completely buy into that Sam what do you think
    about that in terms of hand over hand and airbags and that idea now that we
    should use hand to hand or what did you call it milking you called it milking
    the cow for hand to hand there okay Jonathan hi I'm drivers test next month
    what do you recommend before going okay so Jonathan if you haven't done the
    basic maneuvers already learning the primary controls and being very
    comfortable with the primary controls look at that video on learning to drive
    and do those video those exercises in that video as well for a driving test
    there's always four components doesn't matter where you're taking your road
    test in the world or what class of licence it is speed management space
    management observation communication those are the four fundamentals of any
    road test so speed management posted speed limit
    or the flow of traffic whichever is less that's how fast you drive the vehicle
    space management don't get near any fixed objects don't get near other road
    users stop the correct stopping positions at stop sign
    intersections before the crosswalk before the stop line before where the
    two roads meet if there isn't a crosswalk line or a stop line stop in
    traffic so that you can see the tires in front of you on the vehicle in front of
    you make them clear contact with the pavement and two to three second
    following distance for space management ok so then you've got observation you
    have to observe so you have to have a good scanning pattern in place you're
    looking far down the road you're checking your mirrors your center mirror
    far down the road wing mirrors far down the road check your your instrument
    panel and then far down the road and when you're doing reverse maneuvers
    you're gonna do a 360 degree scan before you move back and then when you're
    backing up every vehicle length you're gonna stop the vehicle and look forward
    and make sure you're straight in those types of things and then finally every
    time you turn the vehicle you're going to to shoulder checks one approximately
    just before you start the manoeuvre and then a half a block from the turn you're
    gonna do another one and then immediately before you start moving so
    you're going to do two shoulder checks for every time you move the vehicle
    laterally so those are the four components of any road test okay what
    else so that's basically it so then there's another video here on a mock
    road test and Koryo get that up for you have a look at that as well Jonathan
    that'll give you a good overview of what you need to do ok Silas why should you
    why should you warm a car up and how can you tell when it's warm
    ok so Silas you don't need to warm the car up you don't need to let it sit
    there an eyelid you only need to let it run for about 15 seconds and then you
    can drive off you can tell when it's warm when the when the engine
    temperature gauge gets up to operating temperature and you'll get used to the
    car and where the engine temperature is sitting and if that engine temperature
    goes too high you need to shut the vehicle off because you're going to blow
    off the engine because it's too hot and it won't run properly ok now even though
    that engine temperature gauge if you feel like you're going to start racing
    and gassing on it and doing all kinds of goofy things even though the engine
    temperature gauge is up to temperature the drivetrain the transmission and the
    differential and all those types of things aren't up to temperature so you
    got to drive it probably for about a half an
    forty minutes before the entire engine drivetrain and everything is warmed up
    to operating temperature if you're gonna start racing and doing goofy things with
    it so know that that you can do a fair bit of damage if the vehicle and the
    drivetrain not just the engine but the drivetrain as well is not warm okay we
    we can talk more about that as well just answer some of these other questions
    here all right um I'm not sure why that
    happens you would think they would be great views with the beta series yeah
    the Veda series was kind of a failed exercise Sam it didn't really go over
    too well Don and actually I had a I had a consult with Tim Schmoyer which some
    of you may know he has a YouTube channel and he does how to do YouTube and he's
    been doing it for a long time I really like Tim stuff and I had a
    consult with Tim and Tim gave me some really good feedback and we both agreed
    that the beta series was not one of my better series so so we're gonna try so
    you're gonna see some new stuff coming up here and actually I would also like
    to hear people's opinion about the new channel art I got new channel art done
    on the YouTube channel if you're watching it on the replay as well be
    sure to give it a thumbs up if you like what you see here on the channel and if
    you like what you see here on the channel also consider subscribing to
    smart drive test we'd always win we always love to hear it from you
    JFS a two things opinions are on automatic truck transmissions not fond
    of them myself slow shifting and our block heaters really not useful outside
    of nineveh jf sa yes I agree with you on automatic transmissions I am NOT a fan
    of them there's no way that automatic transmissions are going to be able to do
    the work of manual transmissions in terms of fuel economy and they're
    certainly not going to be able to pull super bees through the mountains for
    some time coming you know anything under 80,000 pounds I think automatic
    transmissions on the flat are gonna do just fine and that is reflected in most
    of the fleets in the United States now being automatic transmissions here in
    Canada and on the west coast of the United States I think there's still
    mostly 18-speed transmissions and yes block heaters are a must on diesel
    trucks still most places where it gets cold if it
    gets down to minus ten you need a block heater on a diesel truck or it's still
    just not going to start all right Sam yes I call milking the cow I do hand
    over hand all the time and don't think about the airbag situation at all there
    you go and I and I I agree too Sam I don't think about the airbag situation
    either I do hand over hand Ryan hi Ryan how are you just listening while finding
    videos to review before my next Drive that's great
    it's awesome okay Robin love your videos thank you so much Robin that's awesome
    and thank you so much for the boost here
    okay random guy was told my driving structure the point of no return what
    does that mean random guy was he talking about yellow lights like yellow traffic
    lights because what we talked about in terms of the point of no return on
    yellow traffic lights is that you're just you're so close to the intersection
    within one vehicle length of the intersection if you're that close to the
    light and the light goes yellow you're not going to stop it's point of no
    return you can't you can't get back how to pass
    parallel parking for the driver's test Kel's Kel's what you need to do start
    with the learn to drive video which I think Cory has already put up here and
    get control of the primary controls as well go up and get some of those 1 meter
    tall 36 inch tall pylons the delineators from your local rental shop you can rent
    4 of them there less than $10 for a day and go down to a parking lot at a church
    or grocery store parking lot or a movie parking lot or someplace like that and
    just set the cones up and drive around them and you'll be able to work with
    your primary controls yes Sam I agree tim is really great and
    you know the consult session that i had with him for the hour he just gave me
    some really awesome feedback on my channel and i really feel like you know
    i think it was a good thing that the computer kind of went down for the last
    couple 2-3 weeks and i haven't been making videos because i think its kind
    of allowed me to really reflect on where I want the channel to go for forward
    from here and Tim gave me some really great stuff so I'm really interested in
    hearing what people have to say about because I'm getting a new intro done for
    my video I'm gonna change the beginning of my
    videos and I and I was kind of working on that with the Veda series and also
    like I said I've done the the I've done some new channel art and I just you know
    I'm really looking forward to people's feedback and the feedback I did put up a
    pole for the new channel art and people gave me good feedback about that I think
    about 70% of people smart drivers really said that they really liked it so you
    know if you're watching on the replay and you like the new Chandler give it a
    thumbs up and that'd be really great okay Silas I don't know this is related
    to the video but how do you improve sense of direction I feel scared because
    I may get lost and do not know how to get back
    alright so Silas definitely look on the on the video they're on route planning
    and navigation and one of the other things Silas if you're driving an older
    vehicle and you don't have one that tells you northwest-southeast
    then go out and get one of those compasses that you can put on the dash
    which will give you directions north east south and west and that way as well
    I don't know where you are in the world Silas but a couple of things one of the
    things I live in Vernon British Columbia and we have mountains on the east and on
    the west side of town so if we're going north or south you have you know you
    have a mountain range on the north are on the west and on the east and when I
    drove in Melbourne Australia I lived there for five years and if you were
    driving now let me see your East West and you knew where North and South was
    because often times you could see the cityscape of Melbourne Australia and you
    could see the bay and you knew where the bay was because you knew we're no south
    east and west were and so if you get a direction of where north south east and
    west are it's going to give you a better sense of direction as well that video
    navigation of route planning will show you how to go through Google Maps it'll
    show you how to use Google Maps it'll also show you how to use your phone and
    how to use the the map app on your phone and as well I'll show you how to use a
    GPS unit and whatnot so all of that will help you out in terms of sense of
    direction navigation okay so Liban I'm taking the exam in a
    new area how do you avoid missing turns when the instructor says to do so I'm
    trying to avoid going too fast or too slow yes living
    you really want to try to get up to the posted speed limit as quickly as
    possible for the purposes of a road test as I said the speed limit for the
    purposes of road test is either the posted speed limit or the flow of
    traffic whichever is last and you want to get up to speed as quickly as
    possible the driving examiners are good at giving you directions and giving you
    directions early they're gonna say you know at the controlled intersection turn
    left and it's going to be three or four blocks before the controlled
    intersection and when they say controlled intersection is going to be a
    yield sign a stop sign or a set of traffic lights that's what they mean by
    a controlled intersection when they say uncontrolled intersection most of the
    time that's you're on a major road and they want you to turn onto a minor road
    so they want you to turn at the next road so if they say turn left at the
    next control uncontrolled intersection that means the next street they want you
    to turn left and most driving instruct examiner's are really good because they
    do it all the time they know you're nervous they know that you're under
    scrutiny and that you're prone to making errors because you're you're you know
    you're being tested so they're good at giving you lots of advance notice in
    terms of where you need to turn in those types of things Fouad there's a brand of
    airbags you can kill the driver even at small crashes so I think that is better
    to deactivate the airbag yeah I would definitely want to find out about that
    that airbag but most airbags now are safe they've improved them a lot and
    they've done a lot of crash testing on airbags to make the to provide maximum
    safety to vehicle occupants and pickup truck airbags on the passenger side can
    be turned off if you have people who are smaller I think it's smaller than 80
    pounds in the front seat as well there's a sensor in the seat to indicate that if
    there isn't a passenger in there or the passengers to light the airbag won't
    activate so the technology is getting much much better in terms of airbags and
    those types of things okay Sarah my driving instructor where'd you go my
    driving instructor told me you are not checking your blind spots correctly can
    you please tell me when should I check them while driving okay
    Sarab okay are you Sarab are you talking about shoulder checking is he or she
    saying that you're not shoulder checking correctly for the purposes of your blind
    of your checking your blind spots all right liban oh you are most welcome
    living and thank you for the compliment and thank you for the compliment for
    Cory - Cory does some great work on the channel here and it really makes it all
    of this possible for me to do the work that I can do and it's I tell you the
    the channel has really got a great boost when Cory's come on board and done the
    work he has that's for sure okay mystery can a person with cerebral palsy Drive
    and if so how are they graded someone asked me and this is why I'm asking you
    mr. e so what you need to do mr. e is I don't know where you live and Ryan's
    here and I know Ryan is driving with hand controls and mr. e what you would
    need to do is there is an organization and if you can't I think if you're in
    the States if you contact the DoD the Department of
    Transportation they will give you the name of the organization so you need to
    contact them and then they will do an evaluation and oftentimes they want you
    to go to your medical doctor and get a certificate of you know like you get a
    medical done so that you bring that certificate to the to the the center
    that's going to do the testing for people with disabilities and essentially
    what they'll do is sometimes they'll have the driving instructor sometimes it
    might be just an occupational therapist the driving instructor in the
    occupational therapists at least when I used to do driver rehabilitation it was
    myself and a occupational therapist and we would take you out in the vehicle and
    we would do a driving assessment to see if there if you were a candidate to be
    retrained or to be trained to get your license so there you go mr. e so you're
    in Chicago Illinois I can look that up for you mr. e send me an email Rick at
    smart drive test comm and I'll look into that for you in terms of Chicago I think
    I could find that information for you and then you would just simply go for an
    evaluation and then you would move forward from there okay all phase how
    are you the seat great evening Dorcas just wanted to come
    in to you for your help thank you very much that's great didn't darkus just
    remind me you did just get your license right I'm we're correct on that I think
    I remember there's been it's been really great I mean there have been many many
    smart drivers who have been passing their their tests in the last month or
    so I mean it has just been really great to hear people say that they passed the
    road test and I had a part in that it's just been really great in I mean this
    morning somebody from Dubai passed the road test I had another smart driver
    from Belgium asking me questions this morning so it's just been it's been
    really great all the people in the world ok clockwork I'm glad to watch again I
    was wondering if I'm driving with my parents and the tags are expired and I
    get pulled over when I get a ticket or like clockwork I'm not the the driver is
    going to get the tickets because you should have been dry you should have
    done a pre-trip inspection and knowing that everything was the the decals were
    valid on the vehicle so go get those done and don't drive around without with
    expired decals okay so Sarah so you need some help with shoulder checking so
    Sarah you need to shoulder check two times for every time you move the
    vehicle laterally so when you're turning for example you need to shoulder check
    approximately half a block before the turn and then you stop and you need to
    shoulder check again if you stop there for some time
    at the intersection and you're going to turn then you need to shoulder check
    again immediately before you turn now if you're going to lane change or move the
    vehicle laterally sit mirror signal shoulder check so you got to turn your
    signal on have a lock shoulder check at the same time and check your mirror to
    make sure that there's a space there and you can fit into the gap and then three
    flashes on the signal minimum and then once you start moving over immediately
    shoulder check again so that's when you shoulder check for the purposes of
    driving and checking your blind spots while you're driving so that's what you
    need to do okay all right Silas my mom tells me ahead of time for example to
    make a right turn at the next light and change lanes but I get confused and can
    remember any tips I can keep messing up Silas if you're not hearing the
    directions that your mom is giving you while you're driving what is it that
    you're thinking about or concentrating on that is causing you to tune your mom
    out or you're not processing that information because what it would seem
    to me as a driving instructor is that there's a lot going on and it's not that
    you didn't hear your mom it's the fact that you've got so much going on in
    terms of what you're concentrating on and you're driving and you're focused on
    that that you're not listening because those driving instructors and Sam will
    probably say the same thing as what I'm about to say is that I know for a fact
    that when a when I'm in the car with a student and he or she is doing a
    left-hand turn I just stopped talking because I know for a fact that the
    student isn't listening to what I'm saying and it's interesting the truck
    there's a truck video that I just put up about three weeks ago about right turns
    in a truck and I hadn't been in the truck for a couple of week couple of
    months and I was concentrating and trying to shift the truck and drive the
    track and so you see me there's some big pauses in that video because I'm trying
    to I'm trying to concentrate what on what I'm doing and I'm trying to talk to
    the camera at the same time so if you've got a lot going on and you're
    concentrating and your mom is trying to give you directions it's not that you're
    not hearing or it's just that you've got a lot of other stuff go on and what I
    might suggest Silas is that you have a look at that video learning how to drive
    and then go back to the parking lot and revisit those fundamentals again because
    again I come back to that same point again and again and again slow speed
    maneuvers working in the parking lot with the pylons and doing those
    exercises in the parking lot will improve your overall driving so do not
    negate that go back to that and revisit that and that will help you with that
    again all right Hall phase do you get health benefits
    when you or a Cal driver or a bus driver most places Hall phase you do get
    benefits when you're a transit driver because you're part of the Union
    depending on which coach company or bus company that you're working for you will
    get better fits with them okay two weeks tomorrow
    there we go door cuz that's really awesome then you passed a road test
    that's really lucky really great Hall phase are you to become how like the
    hall phase what's a cal driver Cal Cal Cal sorry
    CDL driver I mean you can become you can become a CDL driver you're gonna be just
    liam is it okay to cross a double yellow line to pass a bicycle
    probably not Liam you would probably want to wait until the line gets to be
    it would really depend on where you are whether you're gonna cross that double
    line or not but there's a video here as well how to change lanes look at that
    video Cory be able to find that for you and it'll tell you how to move around
    somebody that's smaller like a cyclist or those types of things but essentially
    you know it's like changing a lane you got a signal mirror signal shoulder
    check shoulder check three flashes on the signal look again move out around
    and then signal back and come in right okay Hall phase hello hello hello we got
    everybody here okay Oh CDL driver there we go okay yes so
    easy to become a CDL drivers I think in most places you have to be a minimum age
    I know here in British Columbia you have to be nineteen years old to get a class
    one CDL license which is tractor-trailer and then it's just a matter of going
    through truck driving school and getting your license and so I mean as long as
    you have you know you're you don't have too many speeding tickets because really
    the goal of going to truck driving school or bus driving school is to get a
    job excuse me at the end of that right so you need to have a fairly clean
    criminal record if you are driving in the States or working in the States as a
    CDL driver you need to be drug-free because you're going to be drug tested
    when you go into the states it got distracted there sorry I shouldn't be
    reading the comments what I'm talking so that's what you need to do and as long
    as your your abstract you're driving abstract because to go to to get a job
    as a CDL driver they're gonna ask you for your drivers abstract we all have
    the drivers tract that the licensing authority keeps
    and it shows all our speeding tickets and and tickets and crashes that we've
    had or any other traffic Highway Traffic Act infractions that we've had so keep
    that clean if you're gonna go on to become a CDL driver okay and then it's
    just a matter of going to driving school and then you know getting a job and in
    those tapes things oh there we go i Sam says I agree with you sometimes
    I'm having a conversation with a student and all of a sudden the student stops
    talking because of something going on and I'll remain quiet too so they can
    concentrate yes and on what they're doing yes so Sam agrees with me that
    sometimes the traffic situation demands the drivers entire attention and if the
    driving instructor or the mentor is talking to that student and the student
    doesn't hear them the reason is is because the student is concentrating on
    the traffic situation because the the overarching competency for you to pass a
    road test is to demonstrate to the examiner that you have due care and
    control of the vehicle in a fluid driving situation in other words that
    driving situation is changing all the time and driving examiner's want to know
    that you can change your driving habits to remain safe in changing situations of
    driving this is why driving is so complex and I come back to this again
    the six factors of the driving task right the driver the vehicle traffic the
    road light and whether those are the six combinations of are the six criteria of
    driving that are always changing and make it difficult and they can come
    together in one situation maybe completely innocuous harmless or another
    situation can be really dangerous so know that can we go on a raid after the
    stream absolutely Hall phase it may be a little bit tough for us to get together
    but that sounds like fun sounds like fun okay guau Makia I didn't
    say that right I do apologize how do I judge the front and back of my car when
    parking in a tight spot okay the best way to do that and I've had this
    question a little bit over the last few weeks how
    do you judge in a tight space one of the best ways to learn where your vehicle is
    in space and place if you were in the least bit doubt get out of your vehicle
    and actually have a look and I don't counsel you to do that on a road test do
    not actually don't do that on a road test but when you're learning how to
    drive and you're still in the novice phase of driving get out of the vehicle
    and have a look and this is especially important if you start moving up to
    bigger vehicles if you start moving up to pickup trucks and you start moving up
    and towing trailers and boats and recreational trailers and you start
    moving up to buses and those whatnot if you were in the least bit of doubt when
    you're parking or backing up that vehicle or in a space that's really
    tight get out and look and put that skill in place because you look like a
    complete amateur if you just keep going and you back into something but if you
    actually get out and look then you don't look like an amateur you only look like
    an amateur when you hit something so get out and look don't be embarrassed to do
    that because it's gonna be much more embarrassing if you do hit something so
    that's how you're gonna learn space in place and the other video that I would
    counsel you to have a look at is have a look at the blind spots around your
    vehicle video and that will show you how big those blind areas around your
    vehicle from when you're sitting in the driver's seat okay
    ela failed my first test on Friday sorry about that
    that's unsuccessful on your attempt there between them apparently had to
    cancel my signal light that turn it on and get not keep it on thoughts okay
    so then right again at about 10 meters between them apparently I had to cancel
    my signal light then turn it back on again Eli I'm I can't I can't comment
    specifically because I don't know the exact situation I and you know I wasn't
    there in the car that sounds it sounds a bit dubious because if it's a short
    distance between one right hand to the next right hand turn I would have just
    counseled you to leave your light on but your your signal light on now what I
    would cancel you for the next time Eli is higher driving school and do a
    practice driving test as Sam says Sam is driving lessons with Big Mac Sam this
    Sam yo yo he works as a driving instructor for rukhi auto driving school
    there in the Bronx in they do practice driving tests for about twenty dollars
    it's really inexpensive in most US states so if you can get a practice
    driving test do that and then you'll know for sure whether you're ready or
    not and you'll know which skills and abilities that you have to improve in
    order to be successful on a road test and as well it's just great twenty
    dollars spent even it's fifty dollars it's still a bargain because you know
    you're gonna pass your road test for sure okay let's see just drive a crappy
    car so you don't have to worry about hitting the curb yeah unfortunately you
    can't hit the curb on a road test you can touch the curb but don't don't hit
    the curb there we go okay Hall face can you show us how to invade paying tolls
    I'll tell you a funny story about that Hall face some years ago when I drove
    truck we used to run the East Coast salon and of course for those of you who
    are on the east coast of the US around New York yeah 20 bucks come on down
    there Sam so the tolls of course is there's a toll on the Massachusetts
    Turnpike there's tolls on New Jersey Turnpike in you know
    across the George W Washington Bridge the Verrazano in onto Staten Island and
    all those types of things and of course one of the dispatchers was going on
    about how this truck driver named whiskers of course whiskers was a
    harley-davidson motorcycle rider and he had big white beard and he said whiskers
    never pays tolls blah blah blah right so I'm trying to figure out how to get
    around the tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike I'm like how the heck do you
    get from Buffalo to Boston without paying a toll and of course I'm trying
    to figure this out because we used to avoid the hope that the toll on i-90 by
    going down across our highway State Road 17 in New York State when we went from
    Buffalo to New York City well we used to avoid the toll and I'd do everything I
    could to avoid tolls and then finally about three or four weeks later I ran
    into whiskers and I said whiskers how do you avoid the toll in the Massachusetts
    Turnpike he starts laughing he looks at me he goes I don't avoid the towline
    just go down the Turnpike so what people are telling you about voiding tolls
    isn't necessarily true sometimes sometimes it's just cheaper to pay the
    toll there you go that's my tip Matt's my my two cents on avoiding tolls in the
    US okay Jim or do you need to use signal lights when doing three-point turn now
    jammer I don't some places will not get you to do our you don't have to use turn
    signals for doing three-point turns however the three point two turn video
    that I do here I do get you two signal and again if you do signal when you're
    doing your three-point turns it demonstrates to the examiner that you
    have do care and control of the vehicle and that you can communicate to other
    traffic when you're doing maneuvers on the roadway so I would encourage you to
    use your signals while you're practicing and learning how to do your three-point
    turns okay oh it's unfortunate okay so Sam the student was unsuccessful on the
    practice driving test or the student was unsuccessful on the d-o-t test okay Liam
    I'm from New York and I see the license plate covers everywhere
    there you go or they just accidentally spill plain on their tags there you go
    okay they have clear ones that the store plate when okay clockwork I mean what
    would you recommend doing if you run it a gas and you were stuck in traffic
    clockwork I would really recommend that you not run out of fuel if your fuel
    tank gets down to a quarter of a tank put fuel and it's just so much easier
    than running out of fuel if you do run out of fuel because I know that it is
    inevitable and that at some point you may run out of fuel you need to get the
    vehicle off the road as quickly as possible so if you are running down on
    the e on your fuel tank then make sure you drive in the outside lane so you can
    get the vehicle off the roadway okay so Sam so the student got fifty five on the
    practice driving test and I'm sure that student felt a lot better about spending
    the 20 bucks and doing a practice driving test and finding out that he or
    she was not ready to take the d-o-t test and then went back and did a bit more
    work and was successful on their d-o-t test so yeah I really really encourage
    you and I used to call it a mock Road test it's actually a practice driving
    test so do a practice driving test before you go in and take your test if
    you're not taking driving lessons if you're taking driving lessons you're
    gonna be okay because your driving instructor is going to tell you whether
    you're ready or not and those types of things okay Hall
    phase four automatic tolls you can actually avoid paying tolls because
    electronic rolling only reads plates unlike the normal total Tollbooth there
    you go well you guys will have it can have a
    discussion about that no I'm not gonna intervene because some might you know
    there's some ethics going on there ela do you need to turn your signal off and
    on again when turning right twice at ten meters between and this was one of his
    complaints ela I can't like I said I can't comment on that
    I don't know and would counsel you to do Eli is to go and
    hire driving school and do a practice driving test and that and that driving
    instructor will be able to give you that specific information in and around where
    you are taking your tests at the driving Authority because I just can't comment
    on that specific information that's just too specific for what I'm doing okay
    so I I think we're up to 45 minutes here I think we're gonna if anybody has any
    other questions or whatnot I think we're gonna leave it there for
    tonight and because it's Memorial Day weekend in the States and we'd certainly
    like to honor all the veterans in the United States so and yeah
    so we'll leave it there for tonight and if anybody has any questions by all
    means leave me a comment send me an email Rick at smart drive test I'll be
    more happy to help you out okay so he had his license before in Puerto Rico he
    was driving with one hand doing rolling stops or stopping after the stop lane he
    forgot to signal and making a right turn etc etc so so the student had his
    license from Puerto Rico and didn't realize that driving for the purposes of
    a road test is a very different exercise than driving normally like we do every
    every day so there we go so yes the student had to learn that there was a
    different set of criteria for the purposes of passing a road test okay
    yes have a great night everyone Paul Feig's yes today is Memorial when do you
    go live silence ago lives most Sunday nights at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
    the reason I went live tonight on Monday is because it was more Memorial Day
    weekend in the United States when there is a statutory holiday or a long weekend
    then I'll do it on Monday nights to help everybody out because most people are
    away on Sunday nights and they're just not really sticking around for the for
    the live feed okay so next week I don't think there's any holidays next week so
    next week it'll be on Sunday and as well just have a look on the channel there on
    the on the front page is the live feed and it will tell you when the live feed
    is is gonna be up for next week okay exactly there you go Sam awesome good
    night clockwork good night Silas thanks so much Cory and for road tests
    you need to be more perfect no hollowface you don't need to be more
    perfect you need a very different set of driving skills for the purposes of
    passing a road test and Sam and I'll both tell you because I'll tell you Sam
    and I drive differently wouldn't we actually drive as opposed to preparing
    and helping students get ready to pass a road test okay do we wave to oncoming
    traffic to pass before you start absolutely not Nick mice on for the
    purposes of a road test do not wave to other traffic or wave other traffic on
    okay just stop put the vehicle into reverse that way you've got your signal
    on and you've got to reverse lights on in the traffic behind you knows what
    you're doing and if they're there they're they're gonna go around you and
    yes Hall phase we're gonna go up and do a rade okay so that's what you need to
    do and as well know macmeister when they get you to a parallel park for the
    purposes of a road test they're not gonna do it on a busy street and many
    different licensing authorities are actually going to get you to do it in a
    closed circuit area in other words you're gonna do it sorry you're gonna do
    it in a parking lot or something like that alright so thanks everybody if you
    like what you see here consider subscribing to the channel if you're
    watching it on the replay be sure to give it a thumbs up and be sure to give
    it a thumbs up before you take off there and thanks again everybody and we're
    going off to raid a channel with Hall face here so everybody have a great
    night all the best and good luck in your road test and remember pick the best
    answer not necessarily the right answer have a great night bye No
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