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Behind the Scenes of the G7 (Episode 7): Canada’s G7 Sherpa attends the Y7 Summit in Ottawa

Behind the Scenes of the G7 (Episode 7): Canada’s G7 Sherpa attends the Y7 Summit in Ottawa
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    Today is the start of the Y7 Summit here in Ottawa.
    We have dynamic young leaders coming from all over the G7 member states
    to devise policy recommendations on gender equality and women's empowerment,
    climate change, and the environment, as well as the future of work.
    Now the hard work begins,
    and with that we would like to open the Y7 2018. Thank you very much.
    Today, we are really narrowing down what direction we are taking
    our policy recommendations.
    We are really excited that this is one of the first times that
    the Y7 has been able to meet with all G7 sherpas.
    I think it's an extraordinary moment for them
    and it's an extraordinary moment for young people
    to have this platform to advocate directly to leaders.
    We are delivering a Call to Action to our leaders
    and we will be handing that to Minister Hajdu.
    Today I had the opportunity to meet with the Y7.
    Yes, there are some definite risks
    to a changing and transforming workplace, but there are many opportunities,
    and young people are often best situated to identify them.
    We are handing this off with a lot of trust
    that we will be advocated for at the G7 Summit.
    We recognize that this is a huge responsibility,
    but we have a lot of faith in our voices being heard.
    We are excited to be on a personal and private tour of Parliament
    with Parliamentary Secretary Peter Schiefke.
    The first place I'm going to take you to, is the Senate.
    This is the actual Senate where the Senators will vote and debate and discuss.
    We are just taking a look around and also introducing our youth delegates
    from around the G7 to part of what makes Canadian democracy work.
    It has been an exciting experience so far.
    Alright everyone; time for a photo.
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