Bird counting in the Landsborough Valley

Bird counting in the Landsborough Valley
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    In a remote valley on the West Coast of the South Island,
    bird song has doubled over the past 20 years…
    Since 1998, an expert team of 'bird counters' has flown in every spring. [Calendar counts up from 1998 to 2018].
    to measure the effects of long-term predator control.
    They set out to do 175 'five-minute bird counts' over several days.
    It's demanding work.
    Each observer must identify the calls of every individual bird in the forest around them.
    That's over 14 hours of intense listening.
    The results are impressive.
    Most species have increased year-on-year.
    Mohua / yellowhead: Graph showing increase
    Tui: Graph showing increase
    Korimako / bellbird: Graph showing increase
    Pipipi / brown creeper: Graph showing increase
    Rifleman / titititpounamu: Graph showing increase
    Kakariki / parakeet: Graph showing increase
    Riroriro / grey warbler: Graph showing increase
    Two species have declined.
    Tauhou / silver eye: Graph showing decrease
    Koekoea / long-tailed cuckoo: Graph showing decrease
    And four species have stayed stable.
    Ngirungiru / tomtit: Graph showing stable numbers
    Kereru / NZ pigeon: Graph showing stable numbers
    Kaka: Graph showing stable numbers
    Fantail / piwakawaka: Graph showing stable numbers
    Overall native bird numbers have doubled.
    Two decades of predator control and monitoring is helping restore a whole community of native birds.
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    Thanks to the following photographers: Liz Carlson, Neil Sloan, Colin O'Donnell, Jack Mace, Sabine Bernert, Nir Ketraru, Brendan Bombaci, Shellie Evans, Leon Berard, Janice McKenna, James Reardon.