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Construction Update: Vaquero Plaza (Brownsville)

Construction Update: Vaquero Plaza (Brownsville)
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    The UTRGV offices located in The Woods
    on Alton Gloor Boulevard have moved.
    Say hello to Vaquero Plaza.
    It's located on University Boulevard,
    between Tyler Street and I-69E.
    You probably know it better
    as the old Burger King location.
    The spot is now home to
    Vaquero Plaza Building 1, 2, and 3.
    Two of the buildings are completed.
    Building 2 is the new home of
    human resources, accounting services,
    treasury, and fiscal services.
    Building 3 houses internal audits,
    accounting, and accounts payable.
    Building 1 is still under construction.
    When it's complete, it will be
    the new location for parking and transportation,
    procurement, and grants.
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