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Facebook founder’s answers leave angry EU politicians frustrated

Facebook founder’s answers leave angry EU politicians frustrated
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    Some sort of regulation is important and inevitable.
    And the important thing is to get this right, right?
    And to make sure that we have regulatory frameworks that
    help protect people, that are flexible so that they allow
    for innovation, that don't inadvertently
    prevent new technologies like AI from being able to develop.
    I think it's a very important question,
    in this round, the market power of Facebook and the question
    if you cross-use, for example, data
    between Facebook and WhatsApp.
    So it would be good if you say at least one word to that.
    Will you allow users to escape targeted advertising?
    I mean, I asked you six yes or no questions.
    I got not a single answer.
    And, of course, well, you asked for this format,
    well, for a reason.
    I'll make sure we follow up and get you answers to those.
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