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Greatest Last Man Standing Match knockouts: WWE Top 10, May 28, 2018

Greatest Last Man Standing Match knockouts: WWE Top 10, May 28, 2018
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    [APPLAUSE] >> The guy going for
    Bray in his shoulders.
    Cena has got Bray in his shoulders.
    John Cena, look out for
    the- >> [APPLAUSE]
    >> Look at Cena.
    How smart is this?
    Look at John Cena.
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> There's no way Wyatt is get up.
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> He goes like what the hell
    do I have to do- >> Hey, come on, Jericho.
    >> With the tank?
    >> No.
    >> What the hell?
    Those barrels.
    >> Wait a minute.
    >> What is Jericho thinking?
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> Here it comes.
    >> My god no, those barrels just fell on Kane.
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> Now, Ryback.
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> My god.
    >> [APPLAUSE]
    >> Come on, we need medics.
    >> My god.
    >> Get some stretcher.
    >> Where are the paramedics at?
    >> Paramedics, get out here.
    >> Get out here.
    >> Get the paramedics in here.
    >> My god.
    >> It's no good.
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> And The Viper,
    Randy Orton, with an RKO.
    A huge RKO, there is no way
    that CM Punk is gonna get up from this.
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> Batista barely able to stand.
    Undertaker with Batista on his shoulder.
    What the hell is he
    gonna do here?
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> And
    Batista- >> My god.
    >> A spear.
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> Holy.
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> Kevin Owens saying that Ambrose
    brought this upon himself when
    he took the Intercontinental
    title from him last month at TLC.
    >> No way. >> No.
    >> Ambrose laying across the chairs, Kevin Owens going up top.
    >> Kevin Owens through the tables.
    >> Man. >> Owens through the tables.
    Kevin Owens through not one but two tables.
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> Cena is up, and so is Edge, Edge is up-
    >> Hey, wait, what the hell?
    >> The Big Show.
    >> The Big Show.
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> What in the world is he doing?
    >> Big Show. >> [APPLAUSE]
    >> No, put him down.
    >> My god, look out.
    >> My god. >> [APPLAUSE]
    >> My gosh.
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> My god,
    don't do it, Shane, don't do it.
    >> My god.
    >> [APPLAUSE] >> My god, Shane McMahon putting his
    body and soul on the line to drag his body through The Big Show's.
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