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Inside the World’s First Escape Room

Inside the World’s First Escape Room
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    - [Narrator] The world's most famous escape artist,
    Harry Houdini.
    He thrilled audiences with dazzling illusions
    and death-defying stunts.
    This mastermind was from here, Budapest, Hungary.
    A city obsessed with escaping
    and the escape legacy still continues, thanks to this guy.
    - Welcome to ParaPark.
    Escape rooms, find the clue,
    solve the riddle, crack the code.
    These team building puzzles are popping up
    all over the planet.
    In fact, here in Budapest, there are over 80 of them.
    But back in 2010, escape rooms didn't exist.
    It was only 'til this man thought up the idea.
    - His speciality was playing problem solving computer games
    but then.
    - So within three months, Attila had quit his job,
    found a space in Budapest
    and opened the world's first escape room.
    - An escape room works like this:
    You and your friends are locked in a room for 60 minutes.
    You are then tasked with finding clues
    and solving puzzles to unlock the door,
    and thus escape that room.
    - So if you ever find yourself in Budapest,
    and you're stuck inside one of its many escape rooms, like,
    let's say the Mob House or a jail cell,
    just remember to thank Attila.
    One of the latest in this cities launch edition
    of Getting out of Hairy Situations.
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