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Missouri S&T's Mars Rover Design team spacesuit research

Missouri S&T's Mars Rover Design team spacesuit research
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    [Off camera] Hey, you lost your pants!
    [Audio] Laughter
    [Student] I feel like something came apart.
    [Off camera] You're dead! You died. Reset.
    [Astronaut] The most important thing is to get his pants back on.
    [Astronaut] We are here because we're working with the students from the Missouri S&T
    Rover team on how to best use on Mars suit on it simulated Mars earth
    tomorrow's you lost your pants does that happen to you often not very often No
    one of the things you have to do when you build a suit for experimental Mars
    is experiment with it so we brought it out to the experimental mind so that the
    kids from Missouri S&T these award-winning Mars rover team can try
    the suit on tell us what they like about it what they don't like about it walk
    around in it just get up to the top of the ridge however feels best okay so I'm
    good see how it works for them how fast they
    tire out what adjustments need to be made in the suit so far so good
    yep and see if the rover can actually hand them tools and do other things with
    these suit that are real large Explorer might have to do yeah
    bring the rover down today we're coming out with last year's Rover Griffin to
    the experimental mine here on campus we're performing the tasks that you
    wouldn't send an astronaut head on out
    I worked out a little more yeah your nose itchy
    oh yeah of course you kind of didn't get a new center of balance I can usually
    just hop over rocks but doing that you have to really take your time or Mars
    would you care to go for a small strolls Yeah right the Mars rover that we're
    building is supposed to work alongside astronauts on Mars and it's a perfect
    experience for us it goes hand in hand with all we're trying to do on Mars
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