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Official Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep Trailer

Official Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep Trailer
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    The life of a pirate is fraught with danger.
    For, you see, to journey out onto the waves is to take a step into the unknown.
    There are things which have lived there and ruled there far longer than us.
    Great terrors from the deep...
    ...some I've seen with my own eye!
    Many have tried to gain control over the sea, but it does not reward the greedy or impatient.
    The ancient people encountered monsters so powerful and terrible that they worshipped them as gods.
    Some say that the ancients even learned how to summon such creatures.
    They'd offer a sacrifice and in return they were allowed to sail the seas undisturbed.
    Most would tell you that these are just stories.
    But I know different.
    And now I hear whispers from across the waves of ships disappearing without a trace, sightings of something...
    Just... stories.
    Now! Did I ever tell you about the vicious parrot that stole my eye?
    Ha ha ha!
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