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People Face Their Fear Of Clowns In Virtual Reality

People Face Their Fear Of Clowns In Virtual Reality
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    - Stay there!
    Go away!
    Oh my God!
    - Today
    - we're facing our fears in
    - virtual reality.
    (spooky music)
    - I'm definitely afraid of demons who might possess my heart
    or my soul.
    - I don't like clowns.
    I don't like jump scares.
    I don't like being scared.
    - My biggest fear is being tricked into doing heroin.
    I don't think that's gonna happen today in VR, but maybe.
    - In the way of horror, I'm mostly scared of ghosts.
    Just the idea that you don't know anything about them.
    The unknown, I think, is really terrifying.
    - I don't think I'll be too scared.
    I think I'll be able able to handle it pretty well.
    - I absolutely love horror, anything horror.
    I watch a ton of horror movies.
    But I do get super, super scared,
    it's like this thing where you hate the scare at first
    but then you're like, "Oh that was great!
    "Let's have some more!"
    - Generally, if it's like,
    "Ooh there's spiders on your face,"
    I'm like, "Oh whatever."
    We'll see, I don't know.
    I'm ready to have some fun.
    Spook me!
    - This is so crazy, yeah.
    I'm nervous.
    - I might, is this happen, like, did it already start?
    - Okay, I'm gonna grab on.
    This is my safety net.
    - Okay.
    So I'm in my little room.
    I guess I'm a little boy.
    - Oh my god, there's a clown up there.
    Oh great.
    (loud bang) I hate clowns.
    (yelling) No!
    - [Clown Doll] Let's be best friends.
    - I'd rather not.
    - I definitely underestimated how realistic this would be.
    - There goes my little ball.
    So I guess my toys are just
    sort of falling all over the place.
    - The clown is gone.
    - Alright, they're hyping it up.
    (door creaking)
    - The spring is always a good thing.
    Oh, there you are!
    Hello sir.
    - Okay, there's a kid.
    I'm not too afraid of kids.
    - I don't wanna be your friend!
    I don't wanna be your friend!
    - Something's happening in the tub.
    A lot of commotion over there.
    And now there's a boy with the glowing eyes.
    - The clown keeps showing up.
    - [Clown Doll] I wanna be friends with you
    - I don't wanna be friends with you.
    - [Clown Doll] forever and ever.
    (distorted music)
    - Oh!
    Oh God.
    I don't like that.
    - Okay.
    Okay, the clown's gone.
    It moved.
    Take it, I don't want that.
    - Oh God!
    Oh my God, that's so realistic.
    I feel like that-
    - I would love it if there were more of a story
    going on here, it's just sort of this funny little
    clown man who's now under my bed.
    - I don't like this, it's dark, look the closet's open.
    - [Clown Doll] Don't be afraid, I'll watch you
    while you're sleeping so nothing can hurt you.
    - Oh my God, there's scissors there.
    - [Clown Doll] So nothing can hurt you.
    - Oh my God!
    - I can't!
    I can't!
    - Stay there!
    Go away!
    - Quick glance!
    Quick glance!
    - Oh my God!
    - Now he's got a friend.
    - [Clown Doll] I'll watch you while you're sleeping.
    - Is that the end?
    - Well, you know, as far as fears go,
    I'm okay with that one.
    (spooky music)
    - Okay, like I said, I think I underestimated my senses.
    - Jesus Christ that's scary.
    Oh my God!
    - I hate clowns.
    - I hate you guys.
    - I don't know how you guys knew I was afraid of clowns
    but that's mean.
    - You might not believe this, but I'm not fully scared.
    I'm not as scared as I am creeped out.
    - I would totally recommend this,
    even if you don't like horror.
    I mean, maybe you should go to, like, a unicorn land
    if you don't like horror movies, but this is cool.
    - You know, I'm not afraid of clowns.
    They just gave him a bad edit in this video game.
    - I don't know, the jump scares in VR don't always get me.
    Like anytime they're like, "Look over here,"
    I'm always anticipating a little clown man coming over here
    and then you look over and sure enough, he's there.
    I actually think this would be good, for children.
    If you could strap a child into this thing,
    I feel like it's a good way to face some fears
    as a younger person.
    Wait was this not here, did you just put this here?
    Sorry, I didn't realize.
    I didn't realize he was here.
    Was that the whole thing?
    Sorry if I ruined it.
    We can do a version where I'm scared.
    Here, watch.
    No, watch this.
    I'll really sell this.
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