Shawn Mendes Reads Thirst Tweets

Shawn Mendes Reads Thirst Tweets
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    - What's up, guys, it's Shawn Mendes and I'm gonna
    be reading some of these thirst tweets.
    ♪ Yeah, show me your love ♪
    You are weird and obsessed with pain,
    but I love you for it.
    Oh my God.
    This is insane.
    You know what the bad thing about this tweet is,
    is that I've seen this so many times.
    Don't ask anybody to choke you.
    Poetic, you should write a song about that.
    Well, thank you, that's sweet.
    (Shawn chuckling)
    I don't view my abs as art.
    Haunted, you guys are haunted.
    Don't put these things on the internet.
    I think I could probably get arrested
    for tweeting this stuff.
    You guys dug for the worst ones, didn't you?
    Not reading that.
    (Shawn laughing)
    I'm sorry, there's a line and she crossed it.
    Nope, not reading that either.
    Guys, that was me reading thirst tweets.
    Yeah, a couple of you, I'm sorry I didn't read your tweets,
    but you need to stop tweeting things like that.
    (upbeat instrumental music)
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