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Spotify Uses Google Optimize 360 to Increase Premium Subscriptions

Spotify Uses Google Optimize 360 to Increase Premium Subscriptions
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    Spotify is the world leader of music streaming, but you can also listen to audiobooks or even podcasts on it.
    We operate in over sixty markets. We have seventy-one-million subscribers through Spotify Premium.
    Our goal is basically to improve conversion rates from free to Premium.
    It's very important first to understand what our users are looking for
    One of the challenges is localization. At Spotify we have loads of local knowledge, we have great teams, they want to do a lot of localization for their specific markets.
    In Germany it's quite surprising that the most streamed content is not music but is an audiobook.
    We decided to launch a test with Optimize 360.
    We wanted our users searching for audiobooks on Google to see a very dedicated landing page to audiobooks.
    So in this case with the direct integration with Adwords and Optimize 360, when people have searched on Adwords for audiobooks only then showed them this page.
    We did fifty percent of all traffic, we sent them on to the normal Premium page,
    and then the other fifty percent of the traffic, we'd send them to a rebranded Premium page with a lot of audiobooks on there.
    Optimize 360 made the process very easy. If we had wanted to run this audiobooks experiment without Optimize 360,
    it would've taken a couple of months, but it took a couple of days.
    The results were far above our expectations. The audiobook landing page had generated
    an increase of twenty-four percent of Premium subscriptions.
    Before Optimize 360 we weren't even testing anything. It has changed the way Spotify
    is trying to be more and more locally relevant across all of it's markets.
    A/B testing is about learning about your customer.
    It's still important that we learn our lesson from it and that's why we want to do as much testing as possible.
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