Women Who Never Went To Prom Choose Prom Dresses

Women Who Never Went To Prom Choose Prom Dresses
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    - Awful.
    - [Woman] Aaw.
    (upbeat music)
    - I didn't go to my prom.
    One, being that I thought I was too cool for school dances.
    Two, our prom was also on a boat and I get seasick.
    - England generally doesn't really have proms.
    I grew up with American TV shows and American movies.
    I always wanted to go to like a real American prom.
    - Believe it or not, wasn't that popular in high school.
    Figured, well, it's not really worth it to go to prom
    because it's gonna cost a lot of money,
    did not have any prospective dates.
    - Although I'm not going to prom,
    I'm excited to at least choose the dress.
    - I like the idea of wearing something really audacious.
    I am sad that I missed out on that opportunity.
    - One thing I did do when I was in high school,
    I still looked at prom dresses online.
    - I think people will be surprised to see me in
    something so formal and potentially
    something really feminine.
    - I don't really dress up for the office.
    - Kinda nervous to go around like with anything tight on me,
    but gotta get outside your comfort zone sometimes.
    We're here at the mall.
    - Let's go shopping.
    - Let's go shopping!
    (upbeat music)
    - Doesn't really fit.
    - This has existed, definitely from when I was
    in high school to now.
    They just like added one more strap
    and called it new this season.
    - I don't know if I seem like the type of person
    who loves sparkles, but I love glitter.
    I wanna feel like a princess.
    - Why would you put these two colors together?
    - [Woman] Yeah.
    - I like this, what if this was full length.
    I didn't shave my legs well enough.
    I anticipated a long dress.
    - Is there a dress code in schools,
    'cause I'm not from America.
    'Cause this seems very risque.
    - I don't remember if we had prom-specific dress codes.
    In school, school, we had the three finger rule,
    which is like, you couldn't wear a strap that was
    thinner than three fingers.
    - [Woman] That is insane.
    - But for prom, like so many prom dresses are
    spaghetti straps.
    - It has pockets.
    - I never wear floor-length dresses.
    I mean, who does really, I guess.
    But I would like to find one that's super long.
    I'm actually kinda into this.
    - [Woman] You should try it on.
    - Um, no, I probably wouldn't.
    I'm not a suit person, particularly,
    but I just like jackets a lot.
    - I love the netting under it,
    but it's just not really prommy, is it?
    It's like a summer party in the garden.
    - What I want to see in a prom dress is something
    a little off-the-shoulder.
    Off-the-shoulder is very on trend right now.
    - That's a great idea.
    - And I love off-the-shoulder 'cause it's a little skin,
    and I'm not seeing as much of it
    around here as I thought I would.
    It definitely wouldn't have been there
    when we were in high school 'cause it wasn't cool back then.
    - This is like--
    - [Woman] Too heavy.
    - This is like wearing chain mail like a knight.
    - This one's not, that one's kinda cool and art deco.
    - [Woman] Yep.
    - I'm going to five, making up for lost time.
    - I wear a lot of black, and so I think
    I want to stay away from black.
    I picked up this big blue one.
    I don't know how I feel about it,
    I don't really like these halter top things,
    and they usually give me way too much cleavage,
    so... we'll see.
    - I'm trying on the poofiest thing I can find
    just for fun.
    And then some less poofy things.
    (upbeat music)
    This is insane.
    I don't actually hate it just 'cause its so different
    from what I'd ever wear.
    I feel like I'd spend the whole night
    just holding it up like this.
    - Awful.
    - [Woman] Aaw.
    - But as I said, I don't think the halter thing
    does really well for me.
    My boobs aren't like small and perky.
    Clearly, this is where the nipple is supposed to be
    and that's like not where mine is at all.
    I like the color a lot though.
    I wish it was this print but in a thin fabric
    and a shape that I liked.
    - It's weirdly making me feel very confident
    'cause I don't ever wear clothes like this.
    It's so tight in the chest though,
    you can see they're asking for some air.
    - I'm surprised at how much I like this.
    - [Woman] Wow.
    - It looks better than on the rack now that it's got
    some shape to it.
    The only thing is, is that it's too loose on the skirt
    and too tight here.
    - It is, I would have to put like some glue or something.
    It's kinda like vampy.
    I feel like a sexy witch.
    - Yeah, I definitely think I'm gonna go for one that has
    the poofy bottom because it's a little more glamorous.
    - I do not usually wear form-fitting stuff,
    so this is like, I feel like I have to constantly be like...
    - Simple?
    - Really?
    - I feel like a flamenco dancer.
    I do like the slinky silhouette, and the off-the-shoulder.
    - I would probably wear this normally.
    - [Woman] Ooo.
    - Well, we've tried on a bunch
    and I think we've each found our dress.
    - We have.
    - Yep.
    - Let's go back to the office and see what people think.
    - Let's go to prom.
    - Or that.
    (upbeat music)
    - So we have our dresses on,
    we're ready to go and show the office.
    - This is more skin than I think
    I've ever shown anyone, maybe.
    - You guys look really pretty.
    - I love them.
    - Wow, pockets.
    - I can't even take my eyes off you guys.
    This is so, so great.
    - Oh my God, you guys, aah!
    You look like the dancing girl emoji.
    - I'm used to seeing you guys in very casual stuff,
    and ya'll look professional all the time,
    but it's nice seeing you guys all dressed up.
    - You guys all look like your own person.
    I wouldn't peg you in a sparkly dress,
    but the pockets make it.
    - What I had forgotten is that prom dresses
    have a lot of fabric.
    - Oh.
    Now I'm the prom queen.
    - [Woman] Oh, look at that.
    Such a good friend.
    - Did you get them custom made or something?
    - No, we just got them at the department store.
    - My mom actually chose my dress for prom
    and I thought it was the hideous thing ever,
    and then I wore it and I got the most unique dress at prom.
    So I don't know what that means, but I got an award.
    - I wore like hot pink and then a halter top,
    and it was all leopard print.
    - I was really tan 'cause it was the big 2000s,
    and I had long blonde hair.
    - Nice!
    - And I wore gold, I wore a strapless gold gown.
    - It's the kind of dress I can wear to other places, maybe,
    if I ever go to like a super fancy place.
    I feel like that is prom.
    - I feel like this is more prom than that.
    This is like you're going to a gala.
    - Would you wear this again?
    - I would not because it's not really my style.
    I like glamour but it's a little bit...
    - Too much.
    - Too much.
    It's a different sensation than I'm used to,
    especially showing my coworkers who I don't think
    have ever seen my bare shoulders.
    - [Woman] We don't know if maybe this
    wouldn't be allowed in some schools.
    - As someone who has some experience in this,
    I can tell you that all of these dresses
    at some schools would be dinged.
    You can see the sheer paneling, and also 'cause
    there's like a gap between the edge of that and your armpit.
    - Whoa!
    - Do you think teens are chill to wear this?
    - Yeah, like if I had a kid...
    - I really think for prom, it's just like, do you.
    Like whatever you're most comfortable in, go and do.
    - I think it's really fun because as a teen,
    I was way more insecure about my body and how
    I was presenting myself to the world.
    I'm still insecure about those things,
    but just a notch less, so it was nice to be able to pick
    something from that prom section that adult me
    really feels like I can rock.
    - So I still haven't been to prom,
    but at least I got to choose the dress.
    That is probably one of the more
    fun things to do about prom anyway.
    - Seeing myself in the dresses, in the dressing room,
    I did feel surprisingly confident in them.
    - Just like get yourself a prom dress
    because it really does wonders for your confidence.
    I feel great, and I don't have anywhere to go,
    so get a prom dress.
    (upbeat music)
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