10 Tips For Maintaining A Long-Distance Relationship

10 Tips For Maintaining A Long-Distance Relationship
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    - There will be days where you're sad,
    there will be days that you're hurting
    and there will be days
    that you miss that person more than ever
    but I'm telling you it is so worth it
    and the time that you see them afterwards
    is even more worth it
    and it makes it that much more enjoyable.
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    I've been in a long relationship
    with my boyfriend named Chris
    who lives about eight hours away from me.
    - We're about 3,700 miles apart.
    - He's from Norway and I'm from Brazil.
    - In August of 2013, I made the eight-hour plane journey
    to Manchester, England to meet him.
    - We met each other at a website called 7 Cups
    in which we're both volunteer listeners
    to anyone who's going through a rough time
    and even though we started off as friends,
    the more we talked, the more we clicked.
    - It was obvious after a couple months of texting
    that we had a chemistry.
    - Being in a long-distance relationship isn't easy.
    - Like sometimes you just want to pick up your phone
    and order an Uber or just get in your car
    and drive to that person but you can't
    because it's not physically possible.
    - The three most important things for us
    were commitment, trust and communication.
    - Communication is definitely key,
    Skypes, texts, funny photos, tagging in memes.
    - Have scheduled days to like have calls
    or have FaceTime, stuff like that
    to make yourself feel closer to them.
    - Sometimes we also leave random messages
    on each other's phones.
    - These things are so much fun
    and they make the distance so much more bearable.
    - You have to put in a lot of trust in each other.
    - It's already hard for some people to trust
    people that live close to them
    so imagine living miles and miles away from someone
    and having that trust that you need to have with them.
    - You know, I was in college
    so I was going to bars and stuff like that
    and there was never a moment where Joe was jealous at all
    which made it so much easier.
    I would just really work on building trust.
    - Once you are able to fully trust them
    and they're able to fully trust you,
    it makes it that much easier.
    - My biggest tip, being in a long-distance relationship,
    is to always have a trip planned.
    - Make a plan with your partner.
    - Plan the next time you'll see them
    or plan little trips to see them
    or little trips together or stuff like that.
    Having that motivation, having that knowledge
    that you know when you'll see them next
    really, really helps with the times
    that you're not with them.
    - Try to visit as much as possible,
    he visited me this past March for the whole month
    and I'll be going up there in July for the whole month.
    - Setting up an end goal and working towards it
    makes a world of a difference.
    - This October is exciting because well be getting married
    and hopefully I'll be able to relocate soon after that.
    - We're still together, we are both in Southern California.
    Hopefully, we're here for the long haul,
    I really wanna be, I love him a lot.
    - I'm happy to say that I've purchased my one-way ticket
    to Manchester to finally move in with him in December
    and we have set a date
    later on in March of 2019 to get married.
    - Long-distance relationships can be scary and difficult.
    - And it's not for everyone but I feel like
    if you have a strong connection with that person
    and you really love that person,
    no matter how far they are,
    you're gonna always feel their presence
    like they're right next to you
    and both of y'all can withstand anything that comes at you.
    - Long-distance relationships can be difficult
    and a lot of people even say that they're impossible
    or they're unrealistic or they're too difficult
    but I think that if you find someone
    that you don't want to be without,
    don't let the distance stop you from being together.
    Distance is temporary.
    Good things are worth fighting for.
    (peaceful music)