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Drunk History - Your Mind Is About to Be Blown

Drunk History - Your Mind Is About to Be Blown
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    - Guess what?
    - Hey, everybody,
    come and check it out. (stately music)
    (mimicking trumpet)
    - (laughs) Was I weak sauce?
    (dramatic orchestral music)
    - What?
    Can you believe it?
    - Ha ha, yay!
    - Well damn, I'm a boss.
    - Boom in your face. (dramatic orchestral music)
    - I'm a big fan of yours.
    - If I were to marry one animal, it'd be a sheep.
    This is where the story gets good.
    - Oh, this is some Oceans Eleven shit right here.
    (dramatic orchestral music)
    - Thanks man, I really like you guys.
    - All I'm thinking about is murder
    - Good job, Adolf, I mean Ricardo, wink.
    - Is there a french fry in that?
    - Yeah. (laughs)
    - This is mind blowing. (burps)
    - Excuse me.
    - Is this stupid?
    - Yeah, but, if we don't act stupid
    how will we ever learn how to be smart?
    - [Actress] We're gonna keep this tradition rolling
    pretty much forever.
    - Look at my face, people!
    - Look at my face, mother (bleep).
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