What's in Store: The Seaweed Bath Co.

What's in Store: The Seaweed Bath Co.
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    When we started we basically didn't know what we were doing,
    And we really started it because we were passionate about seaweed and the results
    Adam and other people were seeing from the product.
    I'm Allison and this is Adam and we're the co-founders of the Seaweed Bath Company,
    A natural seaweed based personal care line.
    As a small emerging brand it's really important that we are able to communicate with our consumers.
    The MailChimp custom templates have been crucial for us to really quickly and effectively
    Modify our messaging and the look and feel of our emails
    To communicate the latest to our customers and make sure they feel connected to our branding.
    We've used a variety of MailChimp templates for every use that you can think of
    Promotions communicating company news and to create surveys to get information from our customers.
    The main benefits of MailChimp's template tools has been the ease of use
    And really being able to quickly create custom emails that match our branding and match our website and get the information across instantly.
    And as a small company it gives us an air of professionalism so that's where MailChimp's templates really take us to the next level.
    We rely on MailChimp template to really stay in touch with customers and make sure that our brand stays top of mind.
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