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Michael Strahan Starting A Television Career | BREAKING BIG | PBS

Michael Strahan Starting A Television Career | BREAKING BIG | PBS
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    - When I left football, I did not cry
    at my press conference.
    I was happy.
    Fifteen years, I'm done!
    No more getting beat up.
    No more stress of this.
    - [Constance] He went out the way most athletes dream of.
    Winning a super bowl.
    He retires a couple weeks later.
    He goes out on top.
    - That moment after the Superbowl,
    when he became the face of that story,
    was really a great opportunity to leverage his familiarity
    with american audiences across the television spectrum.
    - [Carlos] So why did you turn on to television?
    - It just happened!
    I remember the first thing I was invited to do
    was the local Fox station here in New York said,
    Michael would you like to go
    to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit party?
    I mean, come on, of course I'll go!
    I'm there for like forty-five minutes just like,
    oh, this is great!
    They hand me a microphone and they go, we need you
    to interview the ladies.
    Oh, it was the worst interviews ever.
    I think they only talked to me out of sympathy.
    I was so bad, but it ended up being one of
    the scariest things I've ever done, but also liberating.
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