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A Game-Changing Easter Egg Has Been Discovered In Infinity War

A Game-Changing Easter Egg Has Been Discovered In Infinity War
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    Eagle-eyed Avengers fans have gone and done it again, identifying in the frames of Infinity
    War what looks to be a clear blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference to Captain Marvel both the character,
    and the upcoming movie.
    First discovered a while back by Reddit users in the Marvel Studios subreddit, it turns
    out that one of the members of Thanos's Black Order - namely, the giant Cull Obsidian - appears
    to be stomping around Earth wearing a sash that seems pretty clearly evocative of Captain
    Marvel's red, blue and gold colors and stripes.
    If you take a close look at Cull Obsidian's sash, and then compare it to the message sent
    by Nick Fury to Captain Marvel during the post-credits scene, you can't miss the similarity.
    But what does it mean?
    And does the sash belong to the current Captain Marvel?
    Or could it hint at the tragic fate of another fan favorite character?
    Here's what we know about the upcoming Captain Marvel film, which is set to hit theaters
    in March, 2019: it's set in the 1990s, it stars the Academy Award-winning Brie Larson
    as the incredibly powerful cosmic hero Carol Danvers, and for some reason, so far we've
    only seen images of her wearing a green costume on set instead of the classic red, blue, and
    gold teased in Avengers: Infinity War.
    But we also have some hints from the comics as well.
    See, in the comics, Carol Danvers was introduced to readers as an Earthbound officer of the
    United States Air Force, who gained her powers through the accidental fusion of her DNA with
    a disguised alien being.
    That alien's true identity: Captain Mar-Vell of the Kree, who just happened to be Thanos's
    After Mar-Vell's tragic death, Danvers took on the name Captain Marvel in tribute.
    Now, we've already seen the Kree before in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Lee Pace's
    bad guy Ronan the Accuser, from Guardians of the Galaxy, was Kree.
    More importantly, though, in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, rumor has it that Mar-Vell
    is a major character, played by Jude Law.
    So what does it all mean?
    Well, it's certainly possible that Cull Obsidian, the Black Order, and even Thanos himself have
    already had a run-in with Carol Danvers in the past.
    Maybe they even defeated her, and Cull Obsidian is wearing her costume as a trophy.
    That would be a pretty big shock twist, but given the events of Captain Marvel happen
    two decades before Avengers: Infinity War, it's theoretically possible.
    It seems pretty unlikely, though, considering how powerful she is in the comics - powerful
    enough to deck Thanos himself.
    And Larson has stated that her film version can literally "move planets," so we think
    that even Thanos would have trouble with her - especially since any prior meeting would
    have happened before he had the power of the Infinity Gauntlet.
    A more likely guess?
    Perhaps it's some other Kree warrior who fell in combat with the Black Order - maybe someone
    like, say, Jude Law's original Captain Mar-Vell.
    After all, it would certainly give Carol Danvers a very personal stake when she joins the fight
    against Thanos in Avengers 4 if Cull Obsidian is wearing Mar-Vell's tattered costume as
    some kind of prize.
    It's sort of a shocker that it took this long for this supposed Easter Egg find to gain
    mainstream traction, because it really is quite literally sitting there in plain sight.
    Guess the movie was just too awesome for anyone to notice on their first, fifth, or eleventy-first
    viewing, so kudos to all the folks out there who did catch it, because this is super neat.
    We'll find out for sure if this little Infinity War hint ever ends up paying off next year
    with the Marvel double-header of Captain Marvel on March 8th, followed by the fourth Avengers
    movie a short time later on May 3rd.
    We can't wait!
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