A technology partnership that drives success

A technology partnership that drives success
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    Technology drives most of what we do on campus.
    And we like to say that we're technology-informed
    institutions, but to a certain extent
    we're technology-driven institutions.
    Technology has supported any number of initiatives
    that we have on campus.
    And for me, as president, I wanted
    to see our student success initiative move forward.
    Managed Services has helped Muskegon
    meet our organizational goals.
    Our IT staff, and the broader Ellucian staff,
    bring people to the table that we simply
    couldn't bring to the table.
    Our technology management services from Ellucian
    began in 2005.
    That was a few years before I came on board,
    but we selected Ellucian because we were a home-grown system.
    We had staff on campus but they lacked in certain skill sets.
    Ellucian filled in the gaps.
    Do we have challenges with respect to keeping
    skilled IT staff on board?
    The short story is yes, we do.
    But we've been able to keep them on board,
    from what I understand, more effectively
    than other institutions, because they are paid well,
    we provide them with professional development
    services through the institution.
    Even though they're not technically our employees,
    many of them were with [INAUDIBLE]
    prior to coming to Ellucian.
    So we think they are our employees.
    I'll use an example.
    Our chief information officer, Mike Alstrom,
    has been with us for 20 years.
    He brings student success materials to our table that
    some of our student success staff don't.
    I think it's very important to have a chief information
    officer on cabinet.
    I've gotten some push back from that, by the way.
    Why do we have the tech guy sitting here?
    And my response is, frankly, because he provides me
    with better information than you do.
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