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Art Therapy Camp for Young Refugees

Art Therapy Camp for Young Refugees
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    The summer camp we're running is part of the Kenan Refugee Project.
    Having looked at the kind of mental health concerns and the growing evidence that
    art therapy is a really robust intervention we thought it'd be fun to try it.
    "Happy shriek, clapping."
    It's a mix of visual and movement activities. The theme for the week is superheroes.
    (Camper describing painting) I used blue, black.
    In the process of constructing art, there's a conversation
    about oneself, one's feelings. I was just stunned by the impact. Really like what
    you can actually do in a week's time with a young person to make them more
    confident, to make them better able to manage the stress of their daily life,
    any anxieties or worries they might have.
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