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IKEA and Forestry

IKEA and Forestry
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    Becoming Forest Positive means ensuring the future of trees
    and the future of forest communities.
    At IKEA, we use wood in a large part of our home furnishing products.
    We love wood
    because it is durable,
    and beautiful.
    When we design a piece of furniture we make more from less.
    Every piece of wood is cut and shaped
    so that unnecessary waste is minimized in production.
    IKEA sets very high standards for all the wood we use.
    By the year 2020
    we want all our wood to come from more sustainable sources,
    which we define as recycled or FSC certified wood.
    Because we know that responsible forest management
    helps to combat climate change.
    Together with our partners WWF and FSC we make a difference
    for the future of the forests
    and the people living around them.
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