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Meeting Connor From Detroit In Real Life!

Meeting Connor From Detroit In Real Life!
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    Bryan: Wapoosh! Top of the morning to you laddies!
    Jack: Yes, I like it. Now you need to say, "My name is Connor I'm the android sent by--"
    Bryan: My name is Connor. I'm the android sent by cyberlife!
    (Jack laughs)
    Jack: Oh my god! Amelia: Wooow
    Jack: When he showed up at the door, he just yelled from the street, "Hi Sean. My name is Connor."
    I was like, I didn't even have to say anything.
    Everyone in my community was like, "You need to get him to say the line." Bryan: That's easy.
    Jack: Cause I memed the shit out of it
    And then it was everywhere. It was all over Reddit and everything just saying "My name is Connor."
    Bryan: My name is Connor.
    My name is Bryan, and this is Amelia.
    But, uhh... you know. Jack: Now! I'm the android sent by cyberlife.
    Bryan: But would you like to be? Jack: I-I do. I wanna be.
    Bryan: We brought you-- we brought you something. Jack: You did? Bryan: You hold on to this.
    Jack: I get two Canadian dollars? Bryan: Two Canadian, whole dollars. Jack: I crossed the border, I became deviant!
    Bryan: Alright, I think you're gonna like this, and I like how you're already wearing the white shirt.
    Jack: You know I had to do it to him. I'm like that meme guy. (Jack, please don't.)
    There's like a meme guy who you know, 'I had to do it to him'. He's just like, standing in the street.
    Bryan: This is for you, sir, to try. Jack: (channeling his fake enthusiasm) Oh, my god.
    Bryan: This is our official from, uh, Quantic Dream, PlayStation official cosplay RK800 jacket.
    Jack: I'm gonna act surprised, but I-I knew it was over there, all along.
    Bryan: It was-- it was just over there, on the table.
    Jack: We've been talking, for like, three hours already! This is insane.
    We should get some some like close-ups out of it. Bryan: Yeah!
    Jack: Look at this bad boy.
    We are an RK800, just to make sure.
    And that is your serial number.
    Bryan: 313 248
    317 51
    Jack: He's a natural, it's almost like you learned some lines for this game.
    Designed by CyberLife, made in Detroit.
    This is really cool.
    Bryan: Fun fact about these numbers,
    the '313' is the Detroit area code. Jack: Okay.
    Bryan: '248' is the Oakland, Michigan area code, where I grew up.
    '317', which has been hugged off at this point, that's my birthday. Jack: Really? Bryan: Yeah!
    And five-- Amelia: St. Patrick's Day! Bryan: St. Patrick's Day, which all Irish love. Jack: It's meant to be! Bryan: Isn't that right?
    Jack: Yeah, we do even though you guys celebrate more than we do at this point. Bryan: Well, thanks for lending it to us.
    Jack: It's a Tuesday. Bryan: Well, it's a good day to have a birthday on because everyone will definitely party with you on your birthday.
    So you're gonna put it on man. Jack: so did they actually put it in the game because of you?
    Bryan: Yeah, they asked me on set. They said, "We need you to come up with a nine digit number." And I was like--
    Jack: You came up with that number?
    Bryan: I came up with a number on set! And I was like well, cuz, you know..
    I don't think I got the part because I'm from Michigan, but I'm from Michigan and so.. And they were like--
    I knew that in Paris, they were gonna be like, what's the area code Detroit? Yeah, three one three. That's true.
    Here, put it on. Jack: Do you get credit for that? Bryan: No. Well now I do, because of you.
    Jack: (laughing) Giving you a platform! Bryan: You let the Internet know. Looks good on you, man!
    Amelia: Ahhh, let's see, let's see. Aaooo, yes, yes.
    Bryan: We're about the same size, too. Jack: Yeah. Bryan: Would you like the tie? Jack: You're taller than I am, though.
    Bryan: Do you know how to tie a tie? Jack: I do, but- (puts on the tie) Oh, I forgot how to tie a tie. :(
    Bryan: Alright, I'll help you. Amelia: This is so sweet!
    Jack: This is such wholesome content! Bryan: This is wholesome content! (winks)
    Jack: Everyone at home is freaking out right now.
    Jack: Hi. Bryan: (sweetly) Hello everyone. Jack: We-- It happened. I wasn't, we weren't just saying it.
    Bryan: You are in real life. You're gonna be so-- There... It's going to be so much fun to dance.
    My god, don't be nervous. Jack: Oh, but what if Chad is there? Bryan: Chad's.. not gonna be there cause Chad's with somebody else now.
    But, we are gonna find you.. (stares into camera like he's on the office) Jack: Where is my corsage? Too much, I don't know. Amelia. Where is my corsage?
    Bryan: I don't know. Jack: Amelia, where's my corsage?
    Amelia: Here is your corsage. Here it is, here it is. Bryan: You can do your own top button. Amelia: What side is it on?
    Bryan: Uhhh, how do we do this? I've never tied someone's tie in front of them.
    Yeah, we're gonna do the dad thing... Jack: I am like, really feel like your child right now.
    Amelia: Okay so, this is kind of... Jack: Does this have a reason? Bryan: That has a reason because we have to mark that you are an Android.
    Jack: I thought that your LED in the, thing, the... Bryan: It does, but what if you wear a hat, see?
    Bryan: We can't... Jack: That's-- that's one of my things about the game!
    You can just pull that shit off and all of a sudden it's like, yeah, I'm a human now.. Bryan: But you have to think to do it. You have to say...
    You know, you have to deviate to be aware that you even wanna pop your thing (LED) off.
    Jack: Deep lore! Bryan: Deep lore, right, there we go.
    Bryan: Young man. Jack: This is just a fashion show. Should we do a fake fashion show where I come in and work in? Bryan: Would you, please? Jack: Absolutely.
    Bryan: But you gotta walk like Connor, you know?
    Jack: Okay, we know how you can teach me. Bryan: Well, I'll tell you what I'll hold a PS
    Bryan: Do you have a DualShock controller and I'll yeah I do? Jack: yeah I do
    Bryan: And I'll control it and you can walk around? Jack: Walk into the wall. Bryan: And I'll press triangle and you can fall. Oh god, I have an led
    Jack: The way this video is going is that we sat down we're like, what do we do?
    I don't know Bryan: dress him up Jack: dress me up. I just realized that I didn't introduce either of you
    I think people know who you are
    Bryan: I know who you are. Hol- hold tight for a second alright
    Amelia: You want to deviate? Or do you want to be you want to be -do you wanna be just normal- Jack: I want to deviate. That's the fun Connor.
    That's my boy
    There you go looking- I'm Connor in shorts
    Can you do that I straighten up and you gotta kind of yep
    Clench your jaws a little bit. So you look like-
    You have a stronger jaw than I have. Oh you just have more fluff on there.
    Okay, so we'll do a two part one, I'll do the you know, cuz everybody knows I can do this flawlessly
    Yeah, he's gonna teach me how to do the gravity coin trick. Alright, so
    Yeah, how it goes like this we flip the coin in this hand
    and then
    Using the same thumb that you flipped it up in the air with you toss it to this hand- it flies through the air lands
    between your fingers, no problem
    Got it? Okay, perfect. So to warm up I'll do I'll pass it to you. And all you got to do is just catch it between two fingers
    That's the easy part
    I have tiny fingers. Are you ready? Get those tiny fingers or anything? On your mark, gotta look straight ahead. You cannot look down at the coin, okay
    You have to let him try first, with him looking
    Yeah, alright. You can look the first time, but- hold on, here. I thought about taking it off, but it just popped off.
    You deviated!
    Are you ready for this? I'll look straight ahead. You can look down. Okay, three two one
    Pretty close. I mean you almost stopped it.
    Nailed it-- It hit my finger right there
    Imagine if we got it. If just the first time we did it we nailed it. We would all freak out
    Yeah, well it depends on how much time you have because we could just keep shooting until- Okay? -we get it
    Ready? We'll try it again.
    How did we do that?! Yes!
    Top o' the mornin' to ya!
    Connor's a very neat man. Yeah. Gotta keep it very-
    I noticed as well while I was playing I kept calling him like a man and a boy
    I never called him it. ever. Thank you!
    You wanna know a fun fact about the script actually- in the first half of the script if you play as
    Connor, no matter what, you refer to the other androids as it.
    It's sticking out- you have like a little antennae-
    You refer to all the other androids as it- "We found IT," "Yeah, IT couldn't be located,"
    And then if you choose the deviating choices by the end of the story
    You say "he" and "she." And then, (Oh wow) if you don't- if you're always Red Connor, you always say it.
    Little tiny things. Nice.
    Here we go
    You know- That's the sound of winning. That's the sound of victory, thank you
    It really brings out your eyes, the suit.
    I- I'm not even like, hitting it.
    No you're doing great! You're doing so well. thanks, Mom. Positive mental attitude. Yes! he knows!
    Thanks for everyone's spamming him all the time. Be nice to Brian and Amelia on their streams by the way, everyone keeps spamming them
    Okay, last attempt. It's gonna work
    "My name is Connor!"
    Okay, I think that's failed. We're- we're not very good at it no we did great
    We ran that into the ground so I could maybe I could walk you to the table. Where do you think we'll do- um, the
    Reading the quiz. It's going to be in the other room
    Can we track with you? Okay. You want to get that you know shot right? The third-person over-the-shoulder
    You know, the video game shot. All right
    Connor, Connor, back up. Hold on a second. Uhh..
    Come on. You have- you have joints!
    I'm not a tin man!
    Actually, did you actually have to like- perfect a walk to do it? Oh, absolutely so the big thing there is that when you're standing on your
    So you can do it right now. Where's the balance is your balance more on your toes forward, or is the balance more on your heels back?
    It's kind of forward see beings then see if you can lean back a little bit to split the difference
    So you feel like if you do like this your feet are totally flat on the ground
    Okay, so big big part of Connor, is that for me.
    Because you're there
    and at the beginning of every day on set I would go to the middle of the grid on the stage because it
    Performance capture center has a big grid. Yeah, and so stand right in the middle like this and
    I would do- have your.. uhh
    So you can relax this a bit, you don't have to puff up too much because Connors kind of like a wiry guy, okay
    And then the back of your head is going up towards the ceiling,
    your eyes going straight across and then whenever Connor comes into a room you sort of scan it
    So anytime they walk into an environment and you don't even really need to move very much if you can minimize everything you're doing
    Okay, so walk into the room and you look
    Coffeemaker. Sink. Camera.
    Other camera. Other camera.
    Right, so it's almost like you're clearing the room. You're going- dzzzzzzz
    and then you get going.
    Lot of like uhhhh on set- we keep things very simple
    so like if you're gonna walk forward to sit here in this chair this let's let's give a one go
    ready, I'm gonna drive you forward
    Walking nice
    turn, take a seat
    Pretty good cool. I think you can you can make it a little more efficient
    So so like for instance, this is a big thing I found out, seriously. If I walk up here like this, right?
    an Android if we can make it one movement
    Just turn and sit (Wow)
    'cause we as humans are a little bit more like
    you know, kinda chaotic
    Imagine you have a line... you saw Donny Darco?
    I did! You know the, sort of, space/time continuum
    Oh yeah!
    So all of that from the beginning
    Everything you're doing is predestined. Okay, you're going to sit that chair.
    You're like my acting coach right now. Yeah, there we go. I'm going to be on Hollywood
    (laughing) ON Hollywood? Here we are on Hollywood.
    See you walk forward and then in the same movement boom nice little spin looking like innocent school boy.
    Just sit here patiently and wait
    Never bored you're analyzing your computing just taking in information. Hello
    I'm too human. I can't do this. You're doing great. Just care less
    Here too much no just don't care
    Processing you can fill the processing I'm talking to Amanda right now. You got a blank
    I mean they're talking to a member of having to see you
    Talk it Amanda. Okay. Do you have a really good wink? Can you look right at the camera brain? Just give them a wink?
    Yeah like that you need to do it now
    Okay, they often do this is
    Did you even prompt that link
    Yeah, the wankers know bro, because we did whenever we do the probe
    So this thing like this when the you know their arms to peel back and that I can get the information about where is Jericho?
    We checked with the Tracy's in the Union Club like this and the wake up
    Yeah, so we did this and I kind of liked the idea of it being kind of
    So we kind of chaotic with the blinking and so there are different pieces like we were waiting the elevator with Hank and when we're
    Doing the conversation we're talking about all of a sudden the report comes in from Amanda
    Yeah, so I thought it was fun this kind of like, you know, all of a sudden this computer starts being really like a computer
    Since it came right after the line of like and adapting the human unpredictability is one of my features
    The shorts are a new look
    This is like this is this is millennial cousins. Millennial Connor. Yeah. Yeah. Do you ever see a car car like me?
    Hi Daniel
    Hi Daniel, I
    Don't know what else to say. My name is Connor. I'm the Android Segway cyber blood
    I'm here to get you out of this. How do you know my name? I?
    Know a lot of things about you
    Know what you're into
    You liked one direction one time was that line in the game where it Clancy's like? Why do they give you that weird face?
    and voice
    Plenty tweaked a little bit. Yeah
    He made that a little funnier
    there's there's a couple times where like
    Clancy or Hank is talking about Connor or Connors. Talk about Hank and after working with each other
    We were like you want to change these lines like they there's one where we're trying to figure out what?
    What password what an eccentric detect something sort of detective? Yes, but anyway, but the original line was like
    Really hard on Hank, you know
    It was like really like what would ever what would a dysfunctional loser alcoholic detective use and I was like, whoa
    Like Hank might be our friend in this one. Yeah, so we call them like an eccentric
    Hard-boiled detective or something, I think
    there's a couple different times where like
    The scripts like the different options because sometimes you'll push like
    Triangle to be determined, but you don't know what he's gonna say. And so that was a
    balancing act on set because you wanted to make sure that you had
    the ability to like as the player choose this most option in that most option, but without it feeling like a
    Totally spontaneous line. Yeah. Yeah the main like they all had to kind of build from the same. Mmm place
    Yeah for the same Center
    Which is why it's all about this
    shoulders back
    What did you have to do the same thing for Tracy?
    We did the T-pose in the beginning
    But I was a little different because she had deviated and her walk was different
    Also because we were wearing heels so it just makes you walk differently. Yeah
    Did you had to act across from yourself?
    No, I had I had
    I had a partner as a city partner who's actually the
    Level design, but so we had a doubles
    So the same thing was true for like this scene where you're trying to figure out which one's the real Connor mmm
    there was actually an actor named Te'o who's
    Based in Paris who did all of the MOU kit stuff so they have to have him he is the same
    Measurements as I am from like from his wrist to his elbow from his elbow to his shoulder are the same measurements as me
    So he's like a stunt double. Yeah, but for the MOU kit, so we would record all of the performance lines
    So when's Connors talking to Hank or any other character and like the beginning and end of the gunplay
    so like I got to draw a gun and
    and say whatever dialogue it was but then once it cut into the fight scene that switches to jean-charles a
    stunt oh yeah and does and then also master parcour from running stuff and then for the moment when the players in control
    we recorded tons of like references so things like
    You know looking around the space or this thing where Connor is kind of thinking
    Is he a box or as you walk past?
    You know kind of does like a lot this kind of stuff just like taking in the environment
    But then they have to from any position from any camera angle while you the player
    could theoretically make Conor like go
    Yeah, they have to record the possibility of each of these different movements
    and so they did things on set and they literally
    Recorded, he would stand there in the performance capture suit and they did this for months really labor-intensive. I'm like standing there
    one foot forward one foot back
    one foot forward out of the name of (God) back
    That's like this. So there's actually four different people that are running around in the Connor body
    Jack: But there's only one true Connor Bryan: You
    It's you now. Whoever owns the jacket is the true Connor
    I wonder if you went around town in this if people actually recognize it have you get recognized much as Connor. Oh
    Well when you go to things like e3, well, yeah
    or we actually yeah, what's the best part because I had to buy an adapter and the guy was asking me like
    What do you what do you stream now?
    So playing some Crash Bandicoot with my friends because they wanted to start some whole conversation about it. And he was like, yeah, I'm gonna
    I'm actually gonna be playing your game next
    It's him - that's the guy who
    Left and I would thought you know how my glasses I have my hat a clip. You know, I'm just a guy buying some cables
    But no, please leave s5, but I'm just like walking on Street
    Yeah, on a honeymoon in Kauai. I was- it was the first day that we're there like ha we're taking it so
    We're not gonna tweet. We're just gonna let- I have a Bry-bot is a
    Program to schedule tweets and stuff for link in their time zones. Just like Bry-bot's got it
    He's gonna take over for our honeymoon. I'm done
    lay down the beach beach the pool had a pina colada and then I heard it's a million went away and sounds like
    Yes, and they're like
    Are you Connor?
    Yes, I finally decided to pool. I was these three kids it reminded me a lot of me and my brother and friends and like
    just like was talking to them by the pool for a little while until my honeymoon and they are actually from Hawaii and
    They were super supportive and cool and they you know
    And then
    Amelia and I were continuing to enjoy our honeymoon
    They came back
    Would it be okay if we just got one one more photo with you?
    and I was like
    Yeah, sure
    And then as I got here to do like the photo I was like one more
    But I I did say to them and I think this is cool
    Like if you want to introduce yourself to someone in life
    There's some of you were like to be brave and go up and say hi
    I wanna introduce myself any people should do it. Ya like it respecting people's personal boundaries
    They were very respectful and some time. But like I think it was cool
    Like hey, I'm gonna have a conversation with you instead of just kind of like yeah watch from a distance
    Yeah, I get one of those for I come home with people
    I saw you out the boat, but I was too afraid to come say hi. Right? I'm not scary. Come say hi
    You're super not scary. No can't be I'll go watch all the wake up. Yeah, you're only a red car and
    You should attack the camera
    (Outros) - I'm Everywhere By Teknoaxe (Thanks for Watching !)
    Do you want to take the test you want to take the BuzzFeed test and see ya before a truly Connor
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