'Politicians, wake up': Witnesses respond to Jacksonville shooting

'Politicians, wake up': Witnesses respond to Jacksonville shooting
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    Something like this can happen anywhere
    but it shouldn't happen.
    It shouldn't happen anywhere.
    Us, at our age, or any generation
    should be able to go out to a public event,
    have a good time and make it home to our families.
    Politicians wake up because the people
    that you're supposed to be representing are dying.
    Stop sitting on your butts,
    stop collecting cheques and do something.
    You guys are voted into office for a reason.
    We heard one shot
    and it sounded like a balloon pop.
    Then we heard the second, third and fourth shots
    and after that, that's when we dug down
    and everybody else started coming out,
    trying to escape for their lives.
    What I'm going to take home from this
    is, basically, I'm just going to try to rattle
    some politicians feathers.
    Like, look, I just came ... I just went
    to go play some video games
    and, unfortunately, I had to witness a shooting ...
    Well, be a victim of a shooting
    and I'm coming home with a sprained ankle
    just by playing video games.
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