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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 event in 11 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 event in 11 minutes
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    - Hello everyone, I'm so happy to be here today.
    So much has changed since I took the stage
    three and a half years ago.
    It is my great pleasure to present
    the all new Galaxy Note 9.
    (cheering and clapping)
    - For people who pack a ton into every moment,
    Note lets you do more.
    That's why we made the screen 6.4 inches,
    the largest ever on a Note.
    On the back of the device we centered
    the fingerprint scanner below the camera
    so that it's easier to reach.
    When it comes to color this year we went big and bold.
    We also added a flashy color to one of Note users'
    favorite features, and one that I use all the time,
    Screen Optimus.
    You shouldn't have to plan your day
    around your phone's battery life.
    That's why we created an all-day battery,
    the largest ever on a Note.
    You can power through your entire day
    with just the phone in your pocket.
    So Note 9 starts at a minimum of 128 gigabytes.
    You can also get a 512-gig version.
    Just like its predecessors, Note 9 also comes
    with expandable storage.
    And get this,
    soon with Samsung's upcoming 512-gig Micro SD card,
    you'll be able to get as much as one terabyte of memory.
    We wanted to make sure Note users could maximize performance
    so we gave Note 9 a cutting-edge 10 nanometer processor.
    It also supports super fast network speeds,
    up to a staggering 1.2 gigabits per second.
    So you can stream smoother and download faster.
    To get a truly great gaming experience on a smartphone,
    you need a device that packs a serious punch.
    Don't take it from me.
    Let's hear from someone who created one of the most popular
    games on the market today.
    - We're going to be launching the
    Fortnite Beta on Android this week.
    And players with Samsung Galaxy devices
    are the first to be invited, starting right now.
    Also gamers who play Fortnite on a Note 9 or Tab S4
    will also get access to a special skin, Galaxy.
    - When it comes to games we know that people
    want to be able to see and hear every single detail,
    so Note 9 comes with AKG tuned stereo speakers,
    the loudest ever on a Note.
    For serious gamers, speed is everything.
    When your processor heats up, your gameplay slows down.
    Well Note 9 comes with our industry-leading,
    water-carbon cooling system.
    And a smart performance adjuster algorithm.
    Really, that just means that everything's gonna run smoothly
    even in the most intense gaming sessions.
    So we started with one of the
    most powerful smartphone cameras in the world
    and now we're building on that foundation
    with Note 9's brand new, intelligent camera.
    Now, we all know, when it comes to taking great pictures
    some things are always going to be out of our control.
    Well now whenever Note 9's camera detects a flaw,
    like closed eyes or image blur,
    it will automatically notify you.
    So you can take another shot before the moment's gone.
    Note 9's camera also uses scene recognition
    to identify different subjects like flowers,
    food, and a variety of landscapes,
    and then based on a scene, it optimizes the color tones.
    No matter how powerful your camera is,
    one thing it can't do is take a picture for you.
    Well what if you could take a better photo
    without all that hassle?
    Here, let me show you what I'm talking about.
    Let's get in here, alright, one two three.
    Alright there we go.
    I took those photos without even touching the phone.
    I used this.
    - The new S Pen has some pretty cool new functions.
    That's because now, it supports Bluetooth low energy
    to turn it into the ultimate remote control.
    So I don't smudge the screen with my greasy pizza hands.
    Take your selfie game to the next level.
    Or flip through some slides in Microsoft PowerPoint.
    While working the room.
    I've been controlling this presentation with my S Pen.
    Right now we're working with a handful of partners.
    Soon, we'll open up the SCK to everyone.
    To charge the S Pen, just put it back in your phone.
    A full charge takes less than a minute
    and lasts a whole half hour.
    Even better, you don't have to charge it to use
    all the other S Pen features you already know and love.
    DeX is designed for the work anywhere generation,
    and now it's simpler and more convenient than ever.
    Because the only thing you need to start DeX is this.
    It's a single HTMI adapter.
    And now, it's my pleasure
    to introduce another device to the Samsung ecosystem.
    Our all new Samsung smartwatch.
    - The Galaxy Watch is here.
    You can choose between two different sizes,
    any number of straps, and over 60 thousand watch faces.
    The Galaxy Watch has a high-res, AMOLED display
    with an integrated touch function.
    It has military grade durability,
    and Corning Gorilla DX Plus glass
    for added strength and scratch resistance.
    And it's water resistant, which means it's swim ready.
    It works perfectly with the new Note 9.
    Or you can use it by itself
    with standalone LTE connectivity.
    We're working with carriers around the world
    so you can stay connected no matter where you go.
    We built low power architecture
    and next generation panel level package technology
    into the processor created specifically for smartwatches.
    You can use the Galaxy Watch for several days
    on a single charge.
    You can even charge it as the same time as the Note 9
    with our new wireless charger duo.
    The Galaxy Watch can monitor your heart rate,
    and establish a personal baseline.
    And when it senses a big change,
    like presenting at Unpacked,
    it can offer you a breathing guide to calm you down.
    You can choose from 39 different exercises.
    And it even detects
    six of the most common exercises automatically.
    The watch keeps track of your sleep patterns.
    It can tell you how long you were asleep
    and how much quality rest you got.
    With the new MyDay watch face,
    the watch syncs with my calendar
    so I can see when I'm free or busy
    with just a glance.
    - We are continuously refining Bixby so now on Note 9
    it is more conversational, more personal, and useful.
    I need concerts in Brooklyn over Labor Day weekend.
    Oh, it's live for demo.
    - [Bixby] I didn't understand that.
    - You shouldn't.
    I need a concert in Brooklyn over Labor Day weekend.
    - [Bixby] I found these concerts in Brooklyn, New York
    during the Friday, August 31 weekend.
    - How about the first weekend in October?
    - [Bixby] I found these concerts in Brooklyn, New York
    during the Friday, October 5 weekend.
    - I need good restaurants in New York.
    - [Bixby] Here are some restaurants in New yOrk, New York.
    - Wala, Bixby knows that I like French food,
    so it listed a French restaurant at the top.
    - [Bixby] Should I make the reservation?
    - As you can see, Bixby has already filled in
    the number of people in my party,
    and the reservation time based on my previous bookings.
    All I have to do is tap the Reserve Table button.
    - [Bixby] Reservation details sent to email.
    - That's it.
    So far, you've seen what Bixby can do on Note 9,
    but what if everything I just showed you
    was also brought inside of your home?
    Well today for the first time,
    we are unveiling a brand new product
    that brings together Bixby,
    amazing sound, and elegant design.
    Are you ready?
    (Cheering and clapping)
    - [Woman] Hi Bixby.
    (dramatic music)
    Play music.
    (upbeat music)
    - All the sound you just heard came from these.
    160 Galaxy Homes.
    It has elegant, circular form factor
    with six meter high range speakers
    that send a sound in every direction.
    And it has a subwoofer that provide deep, rich base as well.
    We've also integrated home and sound studio technologies
    which detects your location and optimizes sound
    based on where you are in the room.
    Just say, Hi Bixby, sounds to here.
    And the music is directed right at you.
    The Galaxy Home also has Bixby
    and the SmartThings hub built right in.
    So it gives you instant access
    to the largest open ecosystem of smart devices.
    We are excited to share more details about it soon.
    - We are so excited to introduce our go-to music partner
    for our multi-device ecosystem.
    (exciting music)
    - We are super excited about today's announcement.
    And it's just the start of things to come.
    Galaxy Note 9 will be available beginning on August 24.
    There's no one like you
    and there's nothing like the Note.
    Thank you.
    (cheering and clapping)
    - Please give a warm welcome to our special guest,
    Mr. Doodle.
    (clapping, cheering, and pop music)
    - Wait a minute.
    - What do you think?
    - That looks a lot like me, I don't know.
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