Should I Get Certifications To Help with My Career Change?

Should I Get Certifications To Help with My Career Change?
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    Cari, I think you answered your own question here.
    Thoughts on obtaining entry-level certifications to help change careers and enter into a mid-level
    salary range.
    Yes, and yes I do think that.
    Carrie, if you did not get to see the whole Career Changer webinar or the live event that
    I did, you can watch it this weekend starting, I think, around noon my time Friday all the
    way till Sunday night.
    I highly recommend education if you are making a career change.
    The other thing too for career changers, and I'm not going to go into all the 12 steps
    that I go through in the two-hour session, but the great thing is you're an experienced
    So when you are going to make a change and our competing against ...
    By the way, I have a video coming out.
    It's shot already but it's how to win the job interview when you change careers and
    how to nail it no matter what you're doing.
    I go through all this, but in the webinar, the reply that you're going to get to see
    this weekend, I do recommend that, and I do recommend that if there are appropriate certifications
    that you get them if you can.
    Because, trust me, I would love to take somebody who's got years of experience and understands
    how to be a great employee and brings leadership qualities, organizational qualities, good
    customer service qualities, whatever it is you're making that change to, and has a running
    start with certifications or whatever it is that you can get your hands on credentials-wise.
    Yes, do it.
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