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    - The ocean, a vast wilderness where life began
    millions upon millions of years ago
    and to this day remains one of the most
    unexplored environments on our planet.
    Within its depths live an abundance of mysterious creatures,
    many that often surpass even our wildest imaginations,
    and some of them have even emerged
    as the monstrous icons of our greatest fears.
    My name is Mark Vins
    I'm a filmmaker, adventurer, and director
    of the Brave Wilderness channel.
    Together, through the lens of our cameras,
    you've joined me and the crew on countless journeys
    through the most extreme habitats on Earth.
    You have followed along as we've taken you closer
    to the world's most bizarre and misunderstood creatures
    than any film crew in history.
    And today, I am proud to say that it is those adventures
    that have led me to this moment,
    to an opportunity I have dreamt about since childhood;
    the moment I begin my exploration
    of the great blue wilderness.
    But this is no solo mission.
    I will be surrounded by familiar faces
    and some new ones as well.
    With Mario taking over as director,
    I will proudly step in front of the camera
    to lead a band of aquatic explorers on one of the most
    ambitious marine projects ever embarked on.
    Because, you see, you've been along
    since the very beginning.
    There are no rehearsals on this space.
    You've seen us become dive certified and even witnessed
    our very first dives in the open ocean,
    and the adventures to follow will not only test our bravery,
    but our commitment to the word adventure itself.
    There will be sharks, shipwrecks, night dives,
    and encounters with all sorts of marine creatures
    that call the ocean home.
    Get ready, our journey beneath the waves is here.
    (sonar beep echoing)
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