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These Skinks Are on the Brink of Extinction

These Skinks Are on the Brink of Extinction
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    - [Narrator] This is S.J. - a prehensile tailed skink.
    Found in the Solomon Islands,
    this little guy is the largest known of its kind.
    The prehensile-tailed skink's body is a greenish olive color
    with scattered black scales.
    This coloring, combined with its slow movements,
    helps the skink to camouflage with its surroundings
    and hide from enemies.
    Like other skinks, its head is flat and triangular.
    Their strong legs and sharp claws help them to climb trees.
    The defining feature on this skink is its prehensile tail,
    which allows them to grasp objects and branches for balance.
    Their tail makes up nearly half of their bodies length.
    The prehensile-tailed skink's habitat is under threat
    due to deforestation for lumber and agriculture.
    This and the skink's popularity within the pet trade
    has threatened their survival in the wild.
    This is the prehensile-tailed skink.
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