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아쿠아리스트는 물고기가 아픈 것을 어떻게 아나요? [올어바웃]

아쿠아리스트는 물고기가 아픈 것을 어떻게 아나요? [올어바웃]
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    I've always liked animals since I was young
    So when there's any sick or hurt animal
    I took them to the hospital and cured it
    I wanted to take care of it while I was working
    I was looking for a job which I can be with the animals, and aquarist wanted to be it
    I was more attractive to marine animal
    I thought I wonderful it would be if I could work in the sea
    So I thought of aquarist
    Q0. What kind of fields are there?
    There are fish part and marine mammal part.
    There are people who take care of monkey and birds
    People who take care of aquariam
    It's called the LSS part, and there are many kinds of people like this
    Q1. How do you know if they are sick?
    We usually observe them at a regular basis
    But if they behave abnormally
    Or they show weird behavior when feeding them
    Or the tentacle of jellyfish is cut
    Or the jellyfish's head is crooked
    Or they swim in a weird way. We just notice it
    Or there are times when they fake as if they aren't in pain
    (Then) we use our senses
    If we think they are sick , we collaborate with the veteran
    We take test for culturing bacteria
    And we take virus test
    We try to catch what kind of disease it is, or how it is infected
    We take appropriate measures and medicine
    To cure the animals
    We can mix it with their favorite food
    (for the fish) we mix the medicine with water
    Then we put the fish in and try a medicated bath
    For the marine mammals when we have to draw blood
    We stay low when they have to stay low
    And if they have to stay still during training or getting diagnosed
    We practice medical training for them to be comfortable with stethoscope
    Then veteran can come and we can diagnose more precisely and quickly
    Q2. Do you have occupational disease?
    We have to give fish to the marine mammal
    For the animals, we give them the best ones
    The freshest ones
    So we know what the bad ones and the good ones are
    When we go to the market and see the fishes
    'That looks old'
    We naturally think like that
    We know the price well too
    Squids are really expensive these days so we can't eat them
    When we go to the fish market
    We notice their condition
    And see if they're healty
    When the aquarium equipment is like stairs, we know that it's trustworthy.
    When we went to the port,
    This man brought a gray mullet
    And said it's really fresh
    But for me 'It's barely breathing'
    These are kind of symptoms that we see
    They say it's fresh because it's alive
    We get really tired when we go to Noriyangjin (fish market)
    Their eyes are screaming, 'I'm sick!'
    Q. Do you interact with the fish?
    When I feel like I'm communicating with them
    Is when I go under the water and see them
    (under the water) it's very quiet and so many fish are there
    When I make eye contact with them, then I feel as if it's interaction
    Like mammals or higher organisms
    We can't interact with them by a certain behavior but,
    We can interact with them in that environment
    Marine mammals interact during the medical training
    For example, for an otter training,
    We make plans by stage 1, stage , stage 3
    If the animal is sick, we have to take care of it
    and we should help them to do it immediately.
    Also, we make big gestures to prevent them from getting bored,
    We do Animal Enrichment for them
    PD: What is the Animal Enrichment?
    'animal welfare' is
    For the animals to maintain good life
    We have to be an assistant for them
    They are here everyday
    So for them to live happily and differently.
    When we give them toys and food, we think of all sorts of ways
    We want the animals to be free from stress. We are studying and trying new things everyday
    Q4. Can fish trained? (Do you train fish?)
    When we give them food, they come up just by raising a hand. Don't you think that's training?
    It's probably an instinct
    (fish) brain is very small and is a lower animal
    They aren't trained in high level like dogs or cats
    They just try to survive by repeating
    The sea elephants, water seals are all clever
    They all understand our signals
    They are very smart
    They are not as smart as dolphins
    But they have very high intellectual
    Penguins are not as clever as the mammals
    And they have low training ability but not so bad
    Q5. DO you have to have some kind of certificate?
    That's the most frequent question I am asked
    I go in the water and do a lot of things
    So I have a certificate for that
    As a basic
    Or if you get a certificate for the marine disease manager,
    You learn how you can cure the fish
    And we learn about how we can acknowledge the cause of the disease
    While we prepare to become an aquarist or a zookeeper
    There are engineer livestock or trainer
    There's nursing part
    When you prepare for all these things, I think it's useful someday. And foreign language too
    There are limits to study about animals when you're only in Korea
    There are almost no Korean books at all
    That's why you have to look into research papers
    So when you have to look over the foreign research papers
    You have to be proficient at foreign language
    You have to manage the animals as well as
    Showing the animals to the customers
    And explain
    So I think it would be helpful to study Chinese, English, and Japanese
    Q6. What do you have to major in?
    I think most of the employees are from animal-related majors
    I'm from marine science major
    I studied marine organisms
    I majored in marine medical major
    How do we cure sick fish
    What kind of disease is this
    Was the main subject we studied
    Stock breeding for the mammals
    And pet related major
    There are people who are from non-animal related majors
    And most of the things that we learn at school
    Is from the eatable organisms
    The way that they are bred in fish farms
    And the way they we take care of them in aquarium is whole different story
    The medicine for the cure
    Or the way we treat them is the difference
    (Now) the part where animals live in the better environment
    Is the part that we study
    Q7. Are there any dangerous moments?
    Unless we pick on them or give them stress
    When they attack us, we don't display them at all
    Animals don't bite off of people without any reason
    But we want to cure them
    Or want to give them diagnosis
    Then they think we want to hurt them
    So they try their best to hurt us
    we get bitten sometimes
    Then it's really painful. And if it's a big animal, then it leads to a big accident
    Security equipment from head to toe
    Is meant to be worn
    When you go in the water, going in alone is forbidden
    So we go in and protect each other
    When we are hurt, they are often the times when
    We feed them
    Because when we
    Decide we want to feed them
    We concentrate on them
    They get food from the dead zone
    And get hurt
    But when we're hurt, it's not like we are hurt badly
    For the sea elephants, they weigh 700kg each
    So you don't go in the water with them
    People get used to it
    Even if I get hurt from the jelly fish
    And I still feed them
    'Oh I need to be careful'
    'I'm sorry if I gave you stress'
    PD: When you watch an animation, penguins are really smart
    I haven't watched it
    PD: Do you feel any different when you see Pororo?
    I've never seen it
    I'm still single
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