DID SHE MAKE IT? | teaching dog how to swim

DID SHE MAKE IT? | teaching dog how to swim
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    today I want to bring you along with us
    how we teach our overcome fears to take
    a poll
    does she make it you ready to go you so
    excited you and go for walk will get
    Got get Colin.. Got get Colin..you ready
    Guys. Fight about it!
    right behind our neighborhood.
    in Chinese we called ke dou
    yeah look this is some of the flower
    look at Oscar behind us and Oreo
    oh there's a bridge up there and look at
    all these doggies hey there's a bunch of doggy
    out there look it.. they're off leash too
    Come guys!
    Are you going to swim? Oscar is so happy!
    Is it what you're gonna do to me.. you are going to get muddy again?
    we found some great spot for
    the doggie only local know within Atlanta
    guys.. Go get Colin
    keep saying I think there will go
    Oscar is going oh my God.. You have to save him.
    Wow! I'm so proud of you
    what happens if we both like
    go over there you know so I I think I'm
    going over there and see what the dog react Wow
    Oreo come on come on Oreo.. it's just
    you now Oscar did it.
    how about halfway halfway Come on Oreo.
    You can do it!
    you can do it. Good girl
    they are trying to swim
    come on Oscar
    Oh Oscar Oscar come here good job dude
    are you using yeah oh we need help
    this trail is awesome for dog big dog
    small dog live in Atlanta and look at
    yeah I am in a wilderness Natural
    Preserve very pretty and only
    a half mile away from where we we would stay
    if Oscar Oreo yeah on your own now
    good girl good girl
    all right this is my the final test
    for them whether they will be fine or
    not. feel like Oscar is ready
    good job
    hey Friend Wow
    Very proud of our dog!
    as always we will go off leash at the
    end of the trail tnow they are like
    comfortable walking by themselves
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