How Brie Larson Got Ripped For Captain Marvel

How Brie Larson Got Ripped For Captain Marvel
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    Just because Brie Larson has Oscar gold doesn't mean she won't pump iron for a superhero role.
    In fact, the star of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster Captain Marvel has been
    hitting the gym hard to prepare for her role as the cosmic Avenger.
    So how did she go from the emaciated frame she kept during her Room performance to the
    superhero shape she's in today?
    Here's a look at how Brie Larson got ripped for Captain Marvel.
    Starting strength
    In Room, Larson played an undernourished prisoner.
    So it may surprise you that she worked with a physical trainer to get in shape for the
    role, with deadlifts being the most important exercise.
    She told Elle,
    "There were many ways I learned about the strength I have inside.
    One was gaining 15 pounds of muscle; I was able to lift things I never thought in my
    life I would be able to.
    [...] Every other day I worked with this incredible trainer, and he would have me lift extreme
    weights over my head.
    Just having that, being able to deadlift before I went to work every morning, gave me this
    mental change that I had never had before."
    That mental change led to a noticeable physical metamorphosis.
    In June, 2018, she told Variety,
    "My highest right now is 215 pounds in deadlifts.
    400-pound hip thrusts.
    Being able to lift weight like that really changed my perspective and understanding of
    A fitness foundation
    Though Captain Marvel is her highest profile film yet, Larson didn't let her work on the
    Room go to waste.
    Instead, she used the physical transformation as a springboard into action films, beginning
    with 2016's Free Fire.
    She told CBR,
    "The action element of what I'd done before was really mental and very emotional.
    This was the opposite."
    Larson followed up Free Fire with 2017's Kong: Skull Island, which she told The Express was
    her most physically demanding role to date.
    "I spent two months just like two hours a day of tearing my body down every day, just
    to be able to physically get through a film like this, because you're moving and climbing
    on so much stuff."
    For Captain Marvel, Larson's putting everything she's learned into Carol Danvers, building
    the character on the inside and out with the help of a few special Superfriends - her trainers.
    She told CBR:
    "Anything that's the physical side, from past experience, you hire specialists to help you
    understand that and quantify it and pace you out and figure it all out.
    I'm just in charge of what's going on in her head."
    Larson has had a helping hand in honing her physique from a number of renowned trainers,
    including Jason Walsh of Rise Movement, a celeb-favorite gym in West Hollywood.
    Walsh is a bona fide trainer to the stars, having worked with the likes of Minka Kelly
    and Emma Stone.
    All-around badass
    In prepping for her Captain Marvel role, Larson's worked on building muscle in every part of
    her body, particularly the areas in which women are typically weakest the shoulders,
    arms, and upper back.
    For the first time in her athletic life, Larson's doing pull-ups at the gym, as well as plyometric
    jump training and heavy-weight exercises that coach Jason Walsh said, quote, "weren't necessarily
    even in her thought process."
    Food as fuel
    Even with intense regular exercise, one thing always remains true you are what you eat.
    When Brie Larson was first building up muscle for Room, she adopted a diet of the bare essentials
    fat for energy, protein for muscle growth and ate just enough of the right things to
    give her energy to effectively do her workouts, relying on almond butter, chicken, fish, starch-free
    vegetables, and a minimal amount of fruit.
    Air Force assistance
    In her civilian identity Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel is an actual captain in the Air Force.
    So naturally, Larson has been incorporating some Air Force training in her routine as
    To see what goes into making a pro pilot, Larson paid a visit to the Nellis Air Force
    Base in Las Vegas.
    This sort of prep work may not help her physical fitness, but it does help ensure physical
    accuracy in her performance - something fans will get to see when Captain Marvel takes
    flight in March 2019.
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