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How Failure Can Lead To Success

How Failure Can Lead To Success
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    How can somebody who's had so many
    bankruptcies and failure be considered
    such a successful businessman? Hey Sam!
    Good morning. So today Sam and I are
    going out on a little canoe adventure.
    There's actually been a brown bear
    sighting. We... I saw the black bear three
    days ago. And I saw a water snake.
    But just down the road on the island,
    there was a brown bear that was spotted.
    And because on Friday which was just a
    few days ago. I saw a black bear come
    down the island and swim across, we
    thought let's go out in the canoe and
    look for the brown bear. We actually got
    in the van drove around we didn't see it.
    But we saw the pictures of people who
    saw it just a few minutes before. Alright
    so I saw this question posted on
    quora and the post, I went back and looked
    I couldn't find the exact same post. I
    saw others that were similar and what
    the person said is and I'm sure they were
    referring to Donald Trump. I'm not going
    to talk to politics here. But they said
    "how can somebody who's had several
    bankruptcies and had a failed casino and
    whatnot and under the fan casino so... But
    how can somebody who's had so many
    bankruptcies and failure be considered
    such a successful businessman?
    Well I fully understand what that's like.
    I believe that failure is the stepping
    stone to success. So the more failures
    you have, the more lessons you learn and
    the more you learn, the more wisdom you
    have and the better you are. The more
    successful you are. The more equipped you are.
    So I mean that's just a quick little
    comment. I had to say that because I saw
    that question it's like how can somebody
    that's had a bankruptcy or had multiple
    bankruptcies be considered such a
    successful businessman? Well when you're
    successful, when you have success if
    you've achieved success in something or
    it's worked,
    you're then successful. Just because yet
    failure leading up to it, that stinks and
    it hurts. It's quite painful. I'm sorry
    but he has just shifted our weight to
    the center. When you've had failures like
    that, those are the stepping stones to
    success. So I turn so you guys can potentially
    see the dock behind us here. Got a water
    slide on it. So my son is... So I believe
    that most people are afraid of
    entrepreneurship. They're afraid of
    business. Taking that leap of
    entrepreneurship because of the fear of
    failure. They think that somehow
    if they don't succeed on their first try
    that all will be lost.
    It's not not common at all for people to
    succeed on their first try because you
    know people who go to business school,
    they don't become entrepreneurs. People
    kind of learn how to do it, they actually
    become employees for big corporations. So
    entrepreneurs, they have to learn by
    trial and error. It's all just
    experimentation and you got to expect to
    have a lot of failures before you have
    any measure of success. Looks like I
    thought a skier fell in but they're not
    They just... Yeah, he fell. I don't... Yeah
    Now they're turning around. There we go. They're
    just leaving them hanging for a while.
    Alright Sammy, do you see the look up
    on the shore and see if you see a brown
    bear. That's so cool if you spotted... Yeah on that side?
    Yeah we could roll really best to keep
    our safe distance huh? If it came in the
    Big wakes coming in towards the
    sun. Big waves from the boat. Yeah you don't
    have to paddle because it's got a steering wheel.
    So this is the cabin that I grew up
    going to except for this whole area
    right there is totally brand new. That
    used to be a big deck. A huge deck with a
    massive massive stairway coming down. It
    was so big. In fact, that there were a
    couple big tall pine trees that my
    grandpa built the deck around the trees.
    So anyway, that cabin next door they
    bought this cabin and remodeled it and
    this dock out here is brand new. Alright,
    right a couple days ago, my son and I and
    my brother were out here. We came to this
    very spot. They build up the this rock
    wall for a little causeway across the
    water this little tunnel. We just came
    over to look at the tunnel that goes
    under the the road I guess. But we saw
    these animals and they look exactly like
    ferrets. So just like ferrets, you'd see
    at a pet store. But I've never seen
    ferrets in the wild. They were long about
    this big around but 18 inches long. Yeah
    so I was standing on the log right there
    and it jumped down into the water. Just
    swam away it didn't even make a splash.
    So I don't know if ferrets can
    swim or it's some other type of animal
    that just looks like a ferret. So he came
    back over here this morning to say hello
    and get them on video. But they're not
    out they were just going in these holes
    and there was at least three of them but
    probably more that they were just three
    is all that came out at the same time.
    But anyway, hopefully we can get some
    video of these critters before our stay
    here is done. Yeah maybe everyone that came out was a different one. So that could
    have been like a dozen of them. So we're
    back in this Cove of the water here
    it's quite clear. You can see down to the
    rocks. I mean it's not too deep right
    here. Why is that? So we're going to paddle
    across the reservoir back to the island.
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