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How Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Should Have Ended

How Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Should Have Ended
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    Marine One, I gotta close the gates!
    Get out of there!
    We're heading out.
    Holy Crap!
    We've been eaten alive!
    Oh my gosh!
    Don't worry we've got this giant buzz saw on our submarine.
    That was a close one!
    Where are you?
    Come on out!
    I ain't going out there!
    Oh come on, Blue!
    You know me!
    Yeah I know YOU!
    But I don't know those people sneaking up with you!
    I smelled those guns from a mile away!
    We're here to help you! It's not safe here!
    This volcano is about to blow!
    I know that!
    Why do you think I led you so far away from your boats?
    Ugh...She's running back to the boats.
    Wooo hooo!
    So long Suckaz!
    Let's bounce, Brachiosaurus!
    Get out of here!
    It's a giant smokey th...
    Don't worry!
    Owen will save us!
    But lava ash is like a thousand degrees!
    but he's Owen!
    So I'm sure he'll find a way to...
    Nope. He dead.
    You'll never get away with this.
    Oh I think I will.
    As soon as you leave...
    We're gonna figure out a way to bust out of here.
    What should we do with them?
    As far as anyone knows they died on the island.
    So... take'm out.
    Like to dinner?
    Oh. Heheh
    I get it.
    Okay yeah I'll do that.
    Well hello!
    Welcome to my mouth!
    Aagggh! Eat her!
    *scream* Omnomnomnom
    The indoraptor comes complete with an advanced weapons system.
    Aim the gun with the special dino laser at the desired target.
    Then press the button.
    and the Indorapor will attack.
    Never ceasing
    Until the target is destroyed.
    Get over here now okay!
    I'm just so mad!
    I'm never gonna stop!
    So... you just point the gun at a person...
    and tell the dinosaur to attack it?
    That is correct.
    But you're already aiming a gun at the target.
    Why do you even need a dinosaur?
    Uh.. because it's way cooler this way?
    This is a bust.
    Yeah I mean who's gonna transport a dinosaur...
    Plant it in a hiding spot...
    and then aim the laser at the target...
    and then be like "hold still dinosaur...wait for my signal"
    and then you push the button
    and then the dinosaurs like...
    I mean that just seems...
    like a lot of work...
    for someone like me.
    when I already have a gun pointing at the bad guy
    I'm just gonna... POW!
    Sorry you have an expensive dinosaur!
    I'm just... I'm just not interested.
    We'd make more money just leaving it in a cage
    Like at a theme park!
    Yeah we could build a theme park!
    That sounds like a good idea!
    I bet nothing ever goes wrong with that!
    at my signal...
    Run for the stairs.
    Beg your pardon, but you know if raptors can smell you form up to a mile away
    So how away do you think I have to be to know exactly where you are right now hmm?
    mmkay I'm gonna eat you now.
    This would go great with some brachiosaurus
    If you were an Indoraptor...
    And you had a laser pointed at your chest..
    Would you eat yourself?!
    Hmm that's an interesting question...
    I guess I've never really thought about it I suppose...
    You know I don't know how to answer..
    These creatures were here before us...
    and if we're not careful...
    there gonna be here after.
    To Jurassic World.
    It has just been brought to my attention
    That humans have a buttload of weapons...
    and firearms.
    So uh...
    Welcome back to...
    Normal World.
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