How Many Of You Exist?

How Many Of You Exist?
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    Oh! Hi there. How ya doing? My name's Jake Roper.
    This intro might have seemed a little bit That is a DONG something you can do online
    now guys.
    You might not know this but you are a one of a kind special little gem.
    On you can see how common your name is in the United States.
    There's a page that lists the most common last names, first names, boy names, girl's names.
    So if your name is James Smith you're not too rare.
    But if you're Joseph Thomas, well good news, there are still a lot of you.
    But less.
    So good job Joseph Thomas.
    I love you and so does your mother.
    Would ya look at that? There are only 3 Jake Ropers unless one was born as I'm saying this. Probably.
    There's also a feature to see how common your favorite celebrities' names are.
    So let's just pick one at random uhh...Nicolas Cage.
    Oh there's only one! No one can ever replace you, Nicolas.
    Ever. Hannah, add a little photo of him next to me. We're gonna do a little kiss.
    But like a friend kiss not like a romantic kiss.
    So have fun with this.
    And find out if you're name is special or if you're just another James Smith.
    No offense James.
    I still love you.
    Even if your name is common doesn't mean your dance moves are so show them off
    with Move Mirror.
    And instead of me doing this, Hannah will walk us through visually.
    This site uses your webcam to create a gif.
    Press record and get moving.
    It'll match images from the internet of people posed like you in each frame.
    Then it pieces them together to make a cool gif.
    Oh look at Hannah go. That looks great. You're doing a wonderful job.
    Hey everybody, leave a comment about how much you appreciate Hannah.
    Well that was fun wasn't it Hannah?
    *spot on Hannah impression* Yes it was jake.
    Well good news, the physical fun isn't over yet because we still have
    Emoji Scavenger Hunt which is more fun than it sounds.
    Get out your phones and type in this URL.
    You will be given 20 seconds to find an emoji in real life.
    So let's go Hannah!
    Find some emojis. I believe in you!
    Ah that was great, Hannah. You did a wonderful job but let's get out of emojis into something cooler which are
    25 animals that are super dangerous.
    I won't read them all to you because you're a great reader and your eyes are beautiful but allow me to show some of
    my favorites.
    Like, the hyena.
    Now you might be wondering, Jake, why do I not want to get eaten by a hyena? It sounds fantastic.
    Thanks for asking.
    Unlike many wild cats who kill their victims first, hyenas just start eating so you're
    essentially being eaten alive.
    To me personally that doesn't sound super great but hey to each their own.
    If that's what you're into more power to you.
    There's also the cassowary which is reportedly strong enough to disembowel a person. That sounds terrible.
    They can run up to 31 mph and human beings have yet to reach that running speed.
    This list is really cool and honestly it's a little bit frightening.
    So let's self-soothe with the
    Ultimate Jungle Noise Generator.
    Listen to the sounds of the jungle without the leeches LOL, laugh out leeches. That's a weird slogan.
    Adjust the sliders that range in frequency from sub bass to high treble.
    Listen to this.
    If you click one of the blue hearts you can go to a preset and you'll never have to
    work again until you play
    How Strong Is Your Vocabulary.
    You have 10 seconds to decide which word is a synonym.
    And go!
    Okay so we're gonna start the quiz. Let's see what we got.
    Which is a synonym for derision?
    Is that how you would pronounce that word? I don't know.
    Uhhh mockery. Woo I got it right!
    Next question. Which is a synonym for dichotomy?
    Split? Yeah boiiii!
    Which is a synonym for eminent. Famous, greasy, lucky, disturbing.
    What do you think Jack?
    I have no opinions.
    Famous is correct! Next question!
    Homage! Ahh. Ooh. Ahh. Ooh. YEAH!!!
    Elude! Eeh. Eeh. Eeh. Eeh. Eeh. Eeh.
    Noo!!! Okay, havoc!
    Haa. Haa. Confusion!
    Woo! Woo! Woo!
    Elicit! Eeh. Eeh.
    Mmm. Mmm.
    Give? No! Extract!
    You knew that one! You didn't say anything Jack!
    Okay what's my score? Well.
    1420 out of 4200. You know?
    You got half of them correct.
    Yeah! And that's...that's not bad.
    Thank you "How Strong is Your Vocabulary" for my score of
    I am also thankful for Hannah Canetti for being the best person ever and
    Alisha Garza for being a wonderful angel and Jack for being one notch above mediocre
    Boy oh boy what a fun game! You know what else is fun?
    Spending time with you. I enjoy it. I hope you enjoyed this classic DONG.
    These are kinda
    Fun to make!
    Uhh and uhh. Where'd my knife go?
    Oh there it is! That wasn't planned at all.
    We didn't spend 5 minutes deciding which direction the knife should go in.
    Uh what else am I gonna say?
    Oh yeah there's links to all the DONGs right down there. There's a playlist of DONGs right here
    Click the notification bell. Or don't. I really don't care. And as always, thanks for watching.
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