How SOLO A Star Wars Story Should Have Ended

How SOLO A Star Wars Story Should Have Ended
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    I'm gonna be a pilot.
    Best in the galaxy.
    Your name?
    It's Han.
    Last name?
    I don't have a last name.
    Who are your people then?
    I don't really have any people
    I just grew up with this slimey snake monster lady.
    Ooookay! Then it's Han...
    Slimey Snake Monster Lady!
    Whoa whoa whoa!
    No no no!
    I'm not gonna let some random person I've never met..
    choose my name for me.
    My name is Han...Solo!
    That's right!
    I named myself!
    Not you!
    Well alright! You could've just said something the first time
    you don't have to be all grumpy about it!
    I'm stabbed.
    *spoiler alert*
    Looks like we're in the clear.
    Dryden Vos is dead and we're free!
    Come on! Let's get out of here.
    You uh... you go ahead
    I have some... things I need to do first.
    I'll catch up.
    No it's okay. I'll wait.
    No go ahead!
    I think I'm just gonna rest here
    and wait for you.
    Wait here?
    You can go really!
    I'll be right behind you.
    Go on! Shew!
    Na it's fine. I don't mind waiting.
    I just got REALLY fatigued all of the sudden.
    Fatigued? What's wrong?
    I don't know!
    I just feel fatigued!
    All these Wars... in the Stars...
    It's like it never ends. You know?
    we get chased by Tie Fighters
    We shoot our blasters...
    We travel to at least three planets
    with different atmospheric settings.
    I'm just.. tired.
    Do you think we rushed the heist too early?
    Should it have waited till winter?
    I mean Maybe!
    I think it's more about the final pay off.
    I mean is any of this even important?
    I mean what's going on here?
    where is this going?
    Like are we a thing?
    What's happening here?
    This isn't gonna last. Right?
    Because lets be honest I'm thinking it wont.
    Can we talk about this later?
    Just go meet up with Chewy I'll be right behind you.
    No you wont!
    You'll just dump me!
    Making me slow to trust the next girl that comes my way.
    Or you'll have a baby with or without me
    And I'll never know because you never tell me anything!
    Um Helloooooooo!
    I'm waiting for you!
    Who the heck is this guy?!
    It is I... Maul!
    You probably didn't recognize me because of the metal legs.
    He's no one!
    Don't worry about it!
    Well you're just full of secrets aren't you!
    Who's this? Your boyfriend?
    Maybe she's my apprentice.
    maybe she isn't!
    you don't know!
    It's a mystery!
    Back off, Tiny Antlers!
    Hey guys could we hurry this up?
    Chewy and I are getting really bored at the...
    We're kind of in the middle of something, Chewy, just give us a minute.
    Hello! What have we here?
    Lando! Did you have a change of heart?
    Not really I just thought now would be a good time to drop my new hit music video.
    This is the falcon.
    It made the Kessel Run
    Lando Calrissian
    Don't try to steal it, Han.
    Oh great! Now Lando is stealing the scene!
    What is happening?!
    This whole thing just feels weird!
    Perhaps I can be of some assistance!
    Hi. I'm Ron Howard.
    I'll be directing from here on out.
    I'll take care of everything.
    Okay stand by people!
    Kill the lights!
    Now I can't see anything!
    That's it! I quit.
    I don't need this!
    Come on, Chewy. Lets go find a cantina!
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