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How To Change Your Life In 1 To 3 Months With "Sprints" (Starting Today)

How To Change Your Life In 1 To 3 Months With "Sprints" (Starting Today)
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    Hey this is Prakhar, here to help you design your epic life
    in the last episode we covered...
    your 1 to 10-year strategy
    so that you reach closer to your vision
    now in this episode, I'm going to cover...
    how to change your life in just 1 to 3 months
    by doing sprints
    these sprints are going to improve your life
    and take you to the next level of your journey
    the reason why you don't grow is because you're being too soft on yourself
    if the change doesn't scare you, it's not a sprint
    It's just going through life and hoping things will get better
    so kiss goodbye to the comfort land
    and do the thing you are scared to do
    and you know what that is
    I don't need to tell you that
    the scary change that you've been avoiding for so long
    and now it's time to do it
    so I want a commitment from you
    go ahead and comment below
    make it public, make the announcement
    so that I and other people can hold you accountable
    tell it to your friends and make an announcement of the scary change
    that you're going to go through
    because once you do that...
    the only option you will have...
    is to adapt to it
    you'll either adapt or you'll stay average
    the choice is yours
    and you know what...
    you can execute these sprints even if you have 30 minutes day
    I wrote a post on how to change your life in 30 minutes a day
    and you can read it by...
    heading over to
    now here comes the big thing...
    forget work-life balance for yours sprints
    sprints are not about balancing your life
    no, I am not telling you to sacrifice everything but what I am saying is that...
    you can maintain other things
    while you perform your sprint in 1 or maximum 3 areas of your life
    because if you try to balance everything all at once...
    those sprints will not be effective enough
    so yes, you do need your sleep, you do need to eat well
    you do need to move
    so that you can function well but you got to make a sacrifice at something
    and I am not asking you to be this way forever
    this is for just these 1 to 3 months sprints
    so choose your priorities for these sprints and go for it
    maybe you will give up reading the news, maybe you will give up leisure
    maybe you will give up hanging out with friends
    whatever it might be
    choose the thing you are willing to give up to get what you want
    what sacrifice will you make?
    Once you're clear on that...
    it's time to craft the plan of action
    for that you can use the framework of SMART goals
    where you'll set a very specific goal
    and you're going to make it measurable which is attainable and relevant
    to what you want to accomplish
    and finally it has to have a timeline
    which would be anywhere between 1 to 3 months
    after each sprint, you're going to measure the outcome
    what final results did you get?
    and based on that, you're going to extract the lessons you learnt so you can apply them
    in your next sprint whenever that is
    you can take a break in between or you can do continuous sprints
    while making sure you're sane and taking care of yourself
    whatever you do, make sure these sprints are not easy
    because at the end of the sprints, you'll be proud of yourself
    even if you don't reach the outcome that you wanted, you'll be proud to take the steps
    and you'll learn at least something that you can use for your next sprint
    and remember, you can have anything...
    but you can't have everything all at once
    now go run my friend
    thank you for listening don't forget to like and share this video
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    and until next time, keep designing your epic life
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