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How to Create Humor in your Speech | A to Z of Humor | Part-1 | Public Speaking

How to Create Humor in your Speech | A to Z of Humor | Part-1 | Public Speaking
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    Ladies and Gentlemen!
    Somebody recently asked me what is love?
    And I said love is our 7th sense that destroys all your 6 sense and makes you nonsense.
    So recently in one of my batches one trainee asked me to make a tutorial on how to create humor
    in a speech.
    So well not just him infact many of the them asked me the same question.
    And he infact hopes to become a stand up comedian some day.
    So I have decided to make a tutorial on this.
    And we ll be discussing A to Z of how to create humor and every type of humor there is.
    Shall we do it?
    (Oh I should have said that with a smile) anyway shall we do it?
    Let's do it!
    So one curious trainee who was about to get married asked me some day 'What would be the
    best advice for marriage?'
    Even though I am single myself yet people ask me for marriage related consultation.
    Anyways the question was 'What is your best advice for marriage?'
    And I said the best advice Don't Marry!
    So during an introductory class an autopsy professor said to his medical forensic students
    In order to become successful in medical forensics you must observe two things.
    First of all, you must have no fear.
    So he stood on the top of the corpse.
    He took his pinky shoved up the nose of corpse and licked it.
    And he asked the whole class to do the same thing.
    Reluctantly but everybody did that one by one.
    Everybody got on the top of the corpse, put their pinky in the nose of the corpse and
    they licked it.
    And then at the end once the whole thing was done, the professor burst into laughter and
    said the second thing that you must observe is that you pay attention to not just what
    I say but what I do as well.
    You didn't notice that I put my pinky, I shoved my pinky in the nose of the corpse and I licked
    my ring finger.
    So I was in my gym doing push ups and after I was done with 50 I told my gym instructor
    I can't do anymore.
    And my Gym instructor said "do it till you fail and not until you give up."
    And I was like what the...what the
    I told you I don't have Alzheimer's.
    I have some timers.
    Sometimes I remember and sometimes I forget.
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