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How to fix a floating shelf to a stud partition wall

How to fix a floating shelf to a stud partition wall
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    in this video I'm going to install a shelf which is a floating shelf onto a
    stud partition wall this particular shelf is a Lack shelf which is bought
    from Ikea this is the fixing bracket and that has to go on the wall with those
    holes that they're facing downwards so it actually goes that way on the wall
    now in a wall like this you actually have studs which go down, which
    are pieces of timber and then the plasterboard is actually fastened to them so it
    is possible to actually get a really strong fixing on a wall like this if
    you are going to use plasterboard fixings the maximum amount of weight you
    can put on this shelf will be five kilograms but if you fix to the studs
    that will be increased to fifteen kilograms if you're fixing to the
    plasterboard I would recommend that you put about six plasterboard fixings
    evenly spaced into the bracket however because we're fixing to the studs
    we're just going to put two screws at each end it isn't actually possible to
    put any more than that in this bracket because that is the spacing of the studs
    in the wall if you can actually see behind the plasterboard you would
    actually see the wooden studs which are running it down and they are
    approximately every 600 millimetres the first thing we need to do is find out we want
    the Shelf and we want it approximately this height so I'm not gonna take some
    neodymium magnets like so and we're going to rub these on the wall and every time
    we find the screw head which is holding the plasterboard to the stud it will
    actually stick because the screws are magnetic this will give us a really good
    visual indication of where the studs are so I'm just going to take the
    magnets I'm just going to start rubbing that around the wall until it sticks and
    you can see its stuck there so there's obviously a screw there
    we've got another one just there so that is telling me that there is a stud
    directly there and if we go approximately five to six hundred millimeters away
    from that one you can see that we found another stud there so we're going to
    position the brackets just there to fix the bracket to the wall we're going to
    use these wood screws and they are about two and a half inches long so all we need to do
    is position the bracket ensuring that these screw holes are facing down which
    the Shelf screws to we can then ensure we get that in line with the magnet so
    the holes are perfectly lined up and then we could insert a single screw I'm
    just going to drive that in using the drill we don't need to go all the way in
    just yet I'm now going to get the spirit level and place that on there
    I'm just going to get the brackets completely level before inserting a
    screw at the other side we can then drive that home
    now that's perfectly level we can just do the final tightening using the
    screwdriver now we can drive in the other two screws
    once we've done that we can then take the shelf ensuring that the screw holes are at
    the bottom there and we can push that into position
    and then finally, just put the two small screws in the bottom there and that will hold the
    shelf in position that's how easy it is to fit a floating shelf to a stud
    position wall it is a very easy indeed if for some reason you can't fix to the
    studs in your wall I will actually put a link in the description to some popular
    plasterboard fixing videos I hope you found this video useful if you have and you
    haven't done so already please subscribe to the channel
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