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how to get between the recommended videos (201) | The Maria Universe

how to get between the recommended videos (201) | The Maria Universe
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    making sure your video pops up between
    the suggested videos is more important
    for your growth than you think because a
    lot of people click from one video to
    another video via to suggested videos so
    making sure that your video is suggested
    between these videos is very important
    and today I'm going to tell you exactly
    how you can make sure that your
    suggested between the suggested videos so
    make sure you keep watching
    hi everyone a Maria and I'm an online
    entrepreneur and coach and I make videos
    on this channel three times a week all
    about online marketing about YouTube and
    about entrepreneurship and today we're
    going to talk about YouTube as you may
    have guessed if you liked this video then
    make sure you give it a thumbs up and
    that you subscribe to my channel because
    you will help me so much with this well
    let's get into this video because I have
    to tell you a lot of information of
    course well this thing you need to do is
    very simple but first I'm going to tell
    you how the suggested video section is
    made up by YouTube so the thing is
    YouTube wants its users to be as long
    as possible on their channel that's why
    they have the suggested video section
    so that's why it's very important that
    you get suggested between this of course
    they make sure that the suggested video
    section is close to the video you are
    watching unless you are normally not
    watching to this kind of videos so for
    example you always watch gaming videos
    and you're now watching a beauty video
    then the chance is very big that
    the suggested video section looks a bit
    different than for a person which is
    normally watching Beauty videos so yeah
    normally it's looking for everyone a bit
    the same unless you're a really
    different target audience then the normal
    target audience for that video you're
    watching so what you want to do if you
    want to get between these suggested
    videos is of course that you make sure
    that you want to get between the right
    suggested videos so if you are a gaming
    channel you don't want to be between the
    Beauty videos and it's very hard to rank
    between this suggested videos if you
    want to do this then my tip is not going
    to help but if you want to rank between
    the suggested videos if you have a kind
    of the same video as the video you want
    to rank for so what you want to do is
    you want your video of course
    to be searchable so you want to rank
    for certain search words and
    so for
    example I want to rank with this video
    for what is the best way to get between
    suggested videos so if I search for this
    then I get all kinds of different videos
    and the first three videos are the
    videos that I want to focus on so what I
    want to do is I want to take these three
    names of these videos and I want to
    place this in between my tags the tags of
    my video so these three names I want to
    place and what I also want to do is take
    to three names of the channels from
    these videos and these three names I
    also wants to place in my tags and with
    this the chance that you rank for
    these three videos is very high and
    unless what I just
    told you and that's why I want to do
    this so these are six tags you
    want to place within every video you
    make but of course for our different
    search options so yes that's what you
    want to do and that's the big trick for
    getting between the suggested videos for
    the videos you want to get suggested in
    what you can do is of course if you made
    a video and which were search term a
    video you want to rank for and you want
    to be within the suggested videos is not
    ranking within this search term and then
    you can also of course place the name of
    the video you want to rank for and the name
    of the channel but keep in mind that you
    have to have a similar video and a
    similar niche and yes so you can
    do this but it's very important to make
    sure that your channel is kind of
    similar well that was it for today and I
    hope that it helped you and I hope that
    you are going to do this because it
    really works and it's going to stimulate
    your growth so make sure you will do
    this in the future and I want to thank
    you so much for watching I also want to
    know that if you have any questions and
    suggestions anything leave it in the
    comments and I will of course answer and
    definitely don't forget to give me a
    thumbs up if you liked this video and
    don't forget to subscribe because you
    help me so much
    if you do this thank you and I'll see
    you next time bye bye
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