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How To REALLY Grow LONG HAIR FAST & NATURALLY! ( Easy Hair Tips & Tricks )

How To REALLY Grow LONG HAIR FAST & NATURALLY! ( Easy Hair Tips & Tricks )
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    hey there I hope all of you are fine please join us on our channel by
    subscribing to my simple remedies today I'll show you one of my favorite hair
    remedies ever it's so easy to make and so easy to use the results will really
    amaze you but here's a preview this remedy is the best for hair growth it
    stimulates the hair follicle to grow more than one hair it can even grow two
    to three hairs from a single root it also softens hair and makes it smooth
    and shiny you can use this strong remedy twice a week maximum it's that powerful
    you'll be satisfied with the difference from the very first juice for this
    remedy you'll need natural olive oil and ground cloves cloves offer many benefits
    for your hair however it should be noted that the use of clubs and large
    quantities is not advised cloves are a powerful antioxidant and they have
    antiseptic properties which treat the skin and scalp clothes strength and
    blood circulation in the scalp helping to increase hair growth this may cause a
    sensation of tingling in your scalp and that's normal it's a good idea to test
    your sensitivity to it before using it for prolonged periods just apply a
    little bit on your scalp and leave it on for a while if there's any itchiness or
    redness then don't use it add four teaspoons of the clove powder to about 4
    ounces of natural olive oil in a dark colored glass jar that can be closed
    tightly close the jar tightly then shake well leave the olive oil for 10 to 14
    days in Olive Oyl also promotes scalp health
    it's full of antioxidants that are biologically active and helped fight
    diseases it works to moisturize hair and protects it from weather conditions
    chemical processing lies fungal disease these are all just a few of the factors
    that can lead to hair loss because of the damage that they caused to your
    scalp using olive oil for these problems treats and eliminates them completely
    olive oil also increases blood circulation greatly helps maintain the
    health affair and strengthens follicles these three factors are what make it so
    effective for increasing the length and thickness of your hair next I'll show
    you how to use this oil but first please take a moment to like this video and
    subscribe to our Channel to use apply the oil mix to your hair
    and scalp and massage it well to open the scalp follicles after massaging
    cover your hair with a plastic bag and let it soak for an hour then wash your
    hair as usual I'll bet you'll be surprised with the results it's really
    awesome you can't imagine how much better your hair it'll be really shiny
    and strong if you want to stop using this remedy do it gradually actually
    this is true for almost any remedy I love your feedback so please leave your
    results or suggestions in the comment section below thank you so much for
    watching we invite you to like this video and subscribe to my simple
    remedies see you in my next video till then bye
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