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How To Ruin A Date Without You Noticing

How To Ruin A Date Without You Noticing
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    How To Ruin A Date Without You Noticing.
    With or without will we can behave with our partner in such an inadequate way that the
    romantic date ends up being "debut and farewell".
    Here are some tips to not ruin your date.
    If you like a person and want to spend the best time possible, without ruining the moment,
    maybe you should avoid the following:
    Wanting to make a good first impression is normal; but sometimes, dominated by nerves,
    some people tend to talk excessively.
    Use techniques to impress your companion that don't seem to be genuine, only end up giving
    the wrong impression of yourself.
    Regardless of what you want with that person (recreational sex, to "see what happens" or
    to enjoy his company) being genuine is better.
    Nothing more uncomfortable and unsustainable than trying to pretend something that you
    are not.
    If you want the other person to feel uncomfortable, compared and even sow the ghost of jealousy
    in him, giving characteristics about your former partners, their performance in intimacy
    and their physical skills can be very inappropriate.
    Limit these experiences and concentrate on knowing the other person.
    Show other aspects of yourself.
    Comparing him with a close relative, can also be antierotic and misinterpreted.
    Your life plan can frighten instead of attracting.
    This topic should also be limited to another time.
    4. Talking about your economic or work achievements.
    Not all people like to listen to these topics, because if they do not express themselves
    with assertiveness, they can scratch in egocentricity.
    And it can definitely ruin a date.
    As I always mention, the above is NOT a recipe and much depends on the personality of each
    one; as well as the degree of complicity that you have with the other person, the intimacy
    that is achieved and the harmony that both have.
    It is true that there is no formula for success, but I consider assertiveness to be key.
    Relax and have fun.
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