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How to Start Natural Meditation

How to Start Natural Meditation
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    I'm Dean Sluyter,
    And I write books and I teach meditation.
    (soft music)
    What people get wrong about meditation
    is they think that the more effort they put into it,
    the better the result will be.
    See, any effort to create a non-agitated state of mind
    is a form of agitation.
    And this is what I call "trying to meditate."
    This is why people wind up chasing their tails.
    There's a classic illustration from the zen tradition
    about a guy who, one day he brings home
    a bowl of water that he wants to cook with,
    water from the stream.
    And he realizes that it's muddy.
    So he tries, let me try to stir the mud out.
    No, that didn't work.
    Let me try to shake it.
    No, that didn't work.
    Let me try to strain it out.
    That didn't work.
    Finally, he gets frustrated
    and he walks away.
    Forget about it.
    And a little while later he comes back
    and he finds out, oh the water is clear.
    You just leave it alone
    and the sediment settles to the bottom.
    The natural clarity of the water
    shines forth by itself.
    So that's essentially the approach
    that we take in natural meditation.
    Just leave the mind alone.
    Let it be.
    It settles by itself.
    It's really good to meditate every day.
    But it doesn't have to be for an hour or two hours.
    We go straight to that 10 or 15 minutes of ease.
    But it's good to do it every day.
    Just like brushing your teeth.
    So that way it's not a matter
    of when will I get around to it?
    Will I get around to it today?
    Just like brushing your teeth,
    you have the time, sit down, do it.
    When you get up in the morning,
    when you come home in the evening.
    Something like that.
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