Les Brown: How to Take Care of Yourself ( Les Brown Motivation )

Les Brown: How to Take Care of Yourself ( Les Brown Motivation )
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    Next thing let's look at what are the
    things we can do to increase our self
    approval our self appreciation our self
    acceptance here's number one love
    yourself make caring for you the highest
    priority in your life take care of you
    look out for what truly satisfies you
    we're not taught to love ourselves we're
    not taught to look out for ourselves
    we're not taught to take care of
    ourselves to become sensitive to our
    wants to our needs are our desires so
    make a conscious effort make you number
    one priority your peace of mind your
    health is more important than your
    family and any and everybody because if
    you don't have peace of mind if you
    don't have your help you can't serve
    anybody don't neglect yourself a lot of
    us in particularly ladies have been
    groomed to be sacrificial lambs putting
    their dreams on the back burner in
    deference to their children's dreams or
    their husbands dreams or their family's
    dreams and forget about themselves they
    become resentful and angry and bitter so
    start taking care of yourself looking
    out for you develop a health plan your
    health is all you got so start taking
    care of you eating nutritious meals
    willing to exercise your body taking
    care of this body loving yourself so do
    some good stuff for yourself on purpose
    take some time out for you I'm into
    meditation I've been working and and
    exercising now just doing some things
    for me taking care of myself mentally
    emotionally and spiritually and
    physically you can't develop and
    manifest your greatness you can't be a
    high achiever if you don't feel good
    become aware of what your needs are and
    develop compassion towards yourself
    despite your human defects develop
    compassion for yourself despite your
    human defects you will never be perfect
    hello you will never be perfect with
    human you've made a lot of mistake
    you've done a lot of dumb stupid things
    guess what you're not through yet you're
    gonna do some more hurry up and get it
    over with
    it's alright gotta learn to be gentle
    with yourself make it alright what you
    don't know the mistakes that you make
    it's okay
    handle it learn from the experience
    decide that you are going to whatever
    you become involved in to be upfront to
    be true to yourself are you getting what
    you need out of it and be upfront with
    people and tell them what you need from
    them don't assume that they know don't
    say I thought you knew
    no tell people up front here's what I
    need from this in order for this to work
    for me be upfront with your stuff
    tell them upfront so they are not
    surprised later on so your feelings
    aren't hurt later on see if they tell
    you upfront they can't do it now you
    know you can keep on stepping but tell
    people upfront here's what I want
    in order for me to play this game with
    you and we're gonna dance that's what I
    got to get out of it see if you don't
    take care of your needs guess what you
    will always have that nagging song in
    the back of your mind say well when do I
    get mine what am I going to start
    enjoying this so we're going to have a
    good time together do I get any noodles
    out of this at all you're just not
    asking that question everybody's happy
    having a good time with you listen what
    we thought you were happy how could you
    think that way you weren't saying
    anything well I'm saying something now
    hope you got that
    see we're taught to be quiet and not
    speak up for ourselves
    and not to be selfish if you don't take
    care of you what do you think is gonna
    take care of you who's gonna look out
    for you
    better than you will no one no one's
    gonna do that you got a business no
    one's gonna take care of your business
    better than you nobody nobody anything
    you want to do in life you've got to
    take ownership of it so hey I'm gonna
    make this happen next thing is avoid
    people and situations that upset you
    hello see there's some people that know
    just how to push your button they know
    just what to say so you know I don't
    even deal with them I just serve or
    excuse me
    hey um I want to talk about something
    I'm Sam excuse me I'll be right back
    here now you might call that cowardly
    but I'm not going to expend any energy
    arguing with anybody life is too short
    ladies and gentlemen and unpredictable I
    don't want to spend my time arguing with
    anybody so I avoid situations that will
    get me upset I don't argue with people I
    bought things I don't look at movies
    that that frighten me
    last right movie I saw was the Exorcist
    I never saw another one after that I
    never forget going home at that time I
    was married and I was blowing the horn
    going up into the driveway I said open
    the door
    I pull up open the door to get out and
    that's all other governments I've blown
    the horn my wife said unfasten your seat
    belt fools I said all right that movie
    scared me out of my wits so I don't look
    at scary movies I'm one of the people in
    a scary movie like this tell me tell me
    what's happening out n17 I threw popcorn
    all over everybody that girl's spitting
    on those people I don't do that no no no
    no no no sorry that I slept in the house
    of lights on all over the house for two
    weeks I was embarrassed but your
    children said daddy turn lights off no
    so I don't do I just avoid things I go
    see comedies I love Danny DeVito and
    Steve Martin I like things that make me
    laugh make me feel good like the little
    boy in me life is just too serious
    here's something else that can help to
    increase your self-esteem draw the line
    ladies and gentlemen there are certain
    things that we just go through life just
    taking and at some point you just got to
    draw the line and just say enough is
    enough you got to do that with yourself
    just draw the line you know see when I
    manage my food choices I get on scale
    every day if I get to a certain level
    that's a crisis level I just get down
    start doing setups right this depressed
    look hey right away if I if my income
    drop to a certain level I go crazy I
    start working like you see this callus
    on my ear you see that killers right
    there that's how that countless got
    there yes my income drop and I made 200
    calls a day as punishment don't you ever
    let this happen again because I'll never
    never never be broke again
    so you got to draw a line you just got a
    drunk there's certain things that you
    just don't permit if you got negative
    people in your life just once and look
    here I was talking to someone I love
    very much kind of just dynamic
    relationship with us look here I can't
    grow from that if you persist in and
    saying those kind of things to me I'm
    saying to you right now I won't tolerate
    and I will terminate this because I'm
    not going to expose myself to this type
    of humiliation I don't like that I don't
    like to get in calling names and putting
    each other down like that come back to
    them I'm sorry no I won't get it so you
    put a nail in a hole you make that
    impress you pull a nail out that mark is
    still there
    that's not for God we can't subtract
    that from the record so don't don't say
    that to me so we were talking about
    something else first and say it again
    boom you'll loser
    very good and you are too because you
    just lost a very good friend I don't
    choose to be around you anymore and that
    was it
    I say that's cold maybe it is but I get
    people out of my life that aren't good
    for me one negative stroke is 16 times
    more powerful than a positive stroke and
    if you have people around you who are
    not sensitive to who you are and the
    people that can hurt you the most ladies
    and gentlemen of the people that you
    love that you love they're the ones that
    you're vulnerable to they're the ones
    that can get to you and they're first
    I don't care who they are see if you
    don't draw the line with people if you
    just let them run rampant in your life
    and you let things happen to you that
    you don't feel good about if you
    continue to allow it to happen you won't
    feel good about yourself your image of
    yourself will erode so you've got to
    draw the line in the conditions that you
    find yourself in here's a jarring
    question why are known Hills preferable
    to strange heavens why would people live
    in a known hell a lot of people just go
    to a job where they're miserable day in
    and day out why do people stay together
    and they're miserable sleeping in
    separate rooms you
    the only thing they have in common is
    paying the bills don't talk don't
    communicate don't share anything
    together day in and day out is short and
    unpredictable that life is being mean to
    each other what do people do that known
    Hills are preferable to strange heavens
    what's the next thing learn something
    and tackle it in a spirit of adventure
    and love somebody said that we are not
    stricken by the things we do but we're
    stricken by the things that we don't do
    the songs that have not been sung the
    forms that we have not written the work
    that we have not done the ideas that we
    have not developed the dreams that we
    have not acted on that's what can
    stricken you
    that's what can block your power that's
    what can rob you of your peace of your
    satisfaction of your self-respect of
    this special joy that you can get out of
    life of special achievement see one of
    the things that contributes to to high
    self acceptance or self approval is self
    achievement when you achieve something
    when you've done something and you can
    stand back and look at it say I did this
    what if it doesn't work out you can
    stand back and look at and say I tried
    it I would have been there I went with
    it didn't work out no no but I the
    experience I love just the experience of
    doing it I love that so that's why I
    said wait a minute I've been fantasizing
    about singing
    so I'm gonna do this who says that when
    I first stand up I got to sound like
    Pavarotti what's the guy's baby I don't
    have to sound like him I'm sound like
    this that's right maybe Browns boy
    si si you've got to look at you and look
    at your life and find something that you
    can tackle and do it with love only that
    which you love only that which you love
    let me tell you something when you do
    that you're doing it in a spirit of love
    just love it me can you can you tell I
    love this I love it
    see I know that there's greatness in you
    I know that there's something in you
    everybody has something I don't know
    what it is but you know it's something
    you know it's something in you that you
    want to do everybody's got some ideas I
    say to you that as you focus on
    something as you go into action as you
    hold that thought in consciousness
    persistently you begin to develop the
    consciousness to manifest and create all
    kinds of things you will begin to
    realize powers and abilities you have
    you will realize you have
    miracle-working power in you that when
    you move that when you walk fuck will
    see you when you come in the room and
    say yeah I don't know what it is but
    there's something different about you
    there's something about the way you look
    it's it's a glow about what is it huh
    what were you doing now
    I'm just being Who I am I'm just living
    out my greatness I'm I'm approving
    myself and giving myself permission to
    pursue my dream ladies and gentlemen
    pursue your dream pursue your greatness
    it's there I know it's there I'm waiting
    on you to come on out here and join me
    this is mrs. Mamie Brown's baby boy
    Leslie Calvin Brown saying it's been a
    plum pleasing pleasure as well as a
    privilege thank y'all here
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