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    hello guys welcome back to my channel it kind of looks like I'm naked but I'm not
    y'all wait a second she knew oh I'm definitely watching this video I am
    wearing a banjo tie because as you guys can see by the title of the video I'm
    gonna be doing my tanning routine with you guys I've gotten this video
    requested quite a bit I'm not really a routine video kind of
    girl I do think it's a good idea for me to show you guys my tanning routine
    because it is pretty specific I really hate how I look naked right now I'm not
    naked I promise you I never by the way film on Sundays Sunday is my
    kind of pamper routine day and I am actually gonna be taking a ton of photos
    tomorrow on Monday so I really need to be chance I've kind of saved it up until
    now to film it for you guys everything that I do to kind of get the perfect tan
    or the best tan and I'm also gonna be honest with you guys with a couple of
    things that I experienced when I do self tan I self tan once a week just let you
    guys know you are supposed to exfoliate your tan off I have had a really bad
    experience or I just have a bad experience in general when actually I
    like to avoid exfoliating probably every three times i tan and i noticed that at
    the end of the day it comes to a point where the 10 does not last unless you do
    end up exfoliating anyways the third Sunday that's kind of the expiry date
    your skin will start to well mine at least what it does with the products
    that I use kind of pixelated on your skin it starts to just look really
    really bad to be honest with you I have an exfoliating glove and then I'll use
    like a scrub and I'll scrub everything off really really well in the shower my
    tip when you after you exfoliate do not tan right away my tan does not stick to
    my skin when it is extremely fresh and exfoliated it just does not tan the day
    after make sure you guys lotion every single time that you come out of the
    shower what else can I mention about tanning I
    do it summer fall spring winter I do it through everything ready to get back to
    the tan line if you guys I'm really really ready okay so I'm gonna start off
    by showing you guys all of the products that I love to use and when I tan you
    guys are probably like what in the world is that for before I tan you absolutely
    have to lotion up your body I've just learned that the Tanja's not stick as
    well when your skin is dry I have been trying many different lotions throughout
    my tanning experience and I've been tanning for a few years now and a fruit
    of the earth I get this at Walmart this one just works
    the best with my ten in my skin this is the one that I would just recommend
    trying I will just help the ten go on super super smooth this is the Tanner
    that I absolutely love to use I actually just got this black bottle which is the
    darker version of the one that I used to use I used to get the white bottle
    before the regular bronzing mousse but they are my ultimate favorite tanning
    product to use I absolutely love their tone that they come with its very golden
    e and it is kind of like a green tint the reason why I got this one is because
    with the white bottle it was just a regular color and I found that it makes
    you waste more product whereas this one I use less product so that I don't have
    to buy it as often this is what's on my face currently right now
    I don't usually tan my face for those of you who don't know this is kind of just
    like a face bronzing cream it does take a few minutes to develop I would say
    around 15 minutes when I'm fully tan I like to put two pumps and then when my
    tan is kind of fading I will do one pump of this my tanning mist that I
    absolutely love is not by Sandra Pez funny enough it is by a loving tan I
    absolutely love their man I have tried this angel Pez mix it's a little bit
    more of a spongy material whereas this one is a little bit more of a soft super
    super soft material I will use one side to rub in the mousse into my skin and
    then I will use the other side to kind of buff things out let me explain y'all
    let me explain so the alcohol y'all know I am big on my nails I like to use a
    little bit of rubbing alcohol on a little cotton pad over here and I like
    to go over my nails to take off any tan and it tends to leave a little bit of
    Tanner on your cuticles as well we're gonna be loading the top our tummy area
    and also at the bottom of our legs most important areas for you guys when a
    lotion it's definitely your elbows your wrists and your hands as well it can get
    very very dry around the knuckles right here right by the armpit it tends to
    bunch up and make sure the neck is almost similar choice as well
    so when it comes to the bottom make sure you guys get around the ankles just like
    you get around the wrists near your hands and also the toes we're gonna grab
    our Lovington mid and we're also gonna grab our dark central path chance I use
    this side to kind of rub in the majority of the mousse and then I will use the
    opposite side to kind of buff but I will show you that exactly what I mean by
    that foot three and we're gonna put it on our chest if you want this to last me
    and the whole entire week to kind of go in circular motions and rub I'm gonna
    get a little bit into my chest over here right to go right through the top over
    here where I would have my makeup start make sure you go around your neck just
    like that because you want to blend in then I switch hands as well just so that
    I can make sure I get everything the summer I do get my mom to do my back for
    me because of course you have more like open back tops and stuff I don't know if
    you guys can see I've stretch marks right here and what it does is it brings
    up the stretch marks that makes them white it's never gonna be completely
    perfect but I just want to kind of show you guys that those things do happen by
    the way I tied my hair up into a bun because you do need to get behind your
    neck here I've heard a lot of people have problems by the neck I think it's
    because the Nexxus have a little bit of like wrinkled and to get in-between
    there sometimes it kind of breaks up and it doesn't really cling I also find that
    the chest area as well the tan does not stick to it like it does with the arms
    so that's why sometimes I like to do my chest first lately I've been having
    problems with my stomach where the tan doesn't want to claim to it I think it's
    because I exfoliated hopefully my neck turns out good this time please before
    they accuse me perfect I do like to grab the leftover and what I like to do is go
    over my ears right behind the ear right over here because once you do your
    makeup you're gonna be all tan here and then your ears gonna pick Pinocchio's
    though there's people that tan their face when they still tan and there's
    people that don't I sometimes do they find when you tan your face it kind of
    creates this little like modeled effective
    it's not really like smooth so I would prefer to use the bronzing cream or my
    foundation so we're done with the chest that was like an hour I take forever to
    tan myself like I'll be here forever just like rubbing and rubbing we're
    gonna grab about three pumps for the arms this week I'm gonna go a little bit
    dark honey so wait this one is not a wash off tan with a loving tan that I
    used to use before you put on the tan and you do have to wash it off the next
    day but this one I didn't do that but now I've been doing that so I've been
    going a little bit dark I will let this stay on me all day
    I can either wash it off late at night or I can wash it off in the morning you
    might look a little bit darker at first but don't worry about it because when
    you do shower for the first time a lot of it will come off because not all of
    it sticks to your skin when you get to the elbow area of members there is a
    heavier side of the mitt and then there's a lighter sex limit kind of
    rotate my hand inside of there and look you guys caught that they go around the
    elbow and they buff it I've removed all the access tan off of there do you guys
    see how I'm rotating this thing oh god I really lost myself you want to go around
    your wrist and also kind of buff it out a little bit the argument I like to not
    put as much product because when you're sweating it starts to make like this
    really dark halo so I just like to again go with the buff side and kind of just
    swipe it just like this very gently
    last couple times I've had to tan it wash it off and then tan it again the
    next day that's because of my skin has nothing to do with the product that's
    still worse after you whack something I don't do I can I do laser but when I
    used to my tan would not stick on there 1 2 3 you guys when your stomach is tan
    let me tell you something you go from like a size 8 to like a four I'm telling
    you right now it is the best thing of life like really don't know but it's
    like magic 1 2 3 on the bottom in the fall and winter to be honest with you
    guys unless I'm doing photos I don't tend the bottom of my body I mean you're
    in pants I'm never in short I grab three more pumps for the top bottom of my leg
    does not grab as well as the top of my leg
    grab the leftover of this now and kind of go smoothly over your feet make sure
    they are moisturize with your lotion but Saffy can get very super dark very
    easily you want to go over the toes you're gonna notice that it's going to
    cling to all the drug spots it's doing it right now
    don't forget we're gonna be washing this off when it comes to the toes you want
    to go in between each toe quickly like this on either side with the opposite
    side are buffing inside that's what we're gonna call it over the knuckles
    here because we don't want it to cling to all those inner creases so go over
    here as well and kind of buff it this area is a little bit tricky but I've
    kind of mastered how to do them perfectly take a little bit of our
    lotion we're not gonna be doing the buff side right now the cream that helps to
    get inside of the knuckles and kind of cut my finger each finger and kind of go
    in like this first you want to get inside of there and just kind of swipe
    like that the product that's already on your glove is more than enough so the
    top facing part of each finger just like this even on this side here by the nails
    over here as well because we are going to be cleaning them up with our alcohol
    so don't worry about that is of course right here if that look so we're just
    want to get super dark over here the tanning product starts to group over
    here right by your knuckles now the trick is to grab your buffing part of
    course where your knuckles are where all those creases are kind of quickly buff
    over those so you want to do it on this and this over here if there's a bunch of
    product in there whereas here I just buffed it so it's kind of just taking it
    out this is gonna make it look as natural as possible you coz are probably
    like this girl is hella detailed yes I am don't forget your knuckles as well
    grab your buffing side and go through them and just like that that's it
    so now the very last step is to clean around our cuticles and our nails but
    have a little bit of alcohol on here and I literally go over each nail to remove
    any access tending product that's gone over then I like to kind of fold it in
    half just like this and go around my cuticles when I have to show you guys
    tomorrow my results so don't worry if it's all blotchy and if certain areas
    look like a little bit uneven but it's completely normal I would like to leave
    it in for about eight hours I feel like that's when it really really gets inside
    the skin it also will develop so right now it might not look back that dark but
    it does develop over time that can use soap not just the water over top just
    gently kind of rub all over your body to kind of remove the excess product off of
    your skin and then you will see how much more smooth it is make sure also when
    you get out of the shower to use your cocoa butter gonna help to kind of keep
    the skin moisturize and help attend a less a lot longer it's Monday morning I
    have washed off my tan as you guys can see it is so much nice and even now what
    I recommend is every day to kind of lotion your body it's definitely gonna
    help to make your tan last as long as possible I put a white towel on the
    floor so that you guys can see what it really looks like the feet turned out
    really nice and even hotter and wash them I'll show you guys a close-up of my
    hands all nice and even the hands will wear off a little bit faster than
    everything else of course because you're constantly washing your hands so that is
    something to expect that is basically it for my tanning routine I hope you guys
    enjoyed this video don't forget to give it a big thumbs up and also don't forget
    to subscribe to my channel thank you guys so much for watching and I will see
    all of my beautiful babes in my next video
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