How do I know that I am elect? How do I know my faith is genuine?

How do I know that I am elect? How do I know my faith is genuine?
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    The way in which we come to know our election is through faith in Christ.
    And so, we must never try to bypass Jesus Christ, because for example, as Paul says
    in Ephesians 1, we are chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world.
    So often I think we need to say to people, instead of trying to go directly to your election,
    you need to go directly to Jesus Christ.
    And when you come to Christ, there is a kind of confidence that you find in Christ that
    He has embraced you, and that you are His.
    And then I think another thing that's obviously true is that if you have really been born
    again, then new family characteristics begin to display themselves in your life and also
    the Spirit, as Paul says in Romans 8, begins to work in our lives and witness with our
    And I think particularly there he seems to indicate that one of the evidences that God
    has really chosen us, that we really are His children, is that when the crisis comes we
    have this God given instinct to cry out "Abba Father."
    So that that instinctive appeal to God as our heavenly Father is like the sense that
    we have inwardly that He has taken us into His family because He has adopted us, and
    in that sense chosen us as His children.
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