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How I saved $6,460 on Designer Clothes || SugarMamma.TV

How I saved $6,460 on Designer Clothes || SugarMamma.TV
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    Hi everyone. So for this video I'm combining finance with fashion. One of
    the ways that I have been able to save thousands of dollars and put those well
    saved dollars to really good use for the thousand dollar project. Where I saved
    and invested over thirty two thousand dollars in twelve months and did it
    again in thirteen months where I did thirty six thousand dollars is by buying
    pre-loved clothes. Now more often than not when I'm wearing one of my favorite
    secondhand pre-loved dresses I get asked heaps of questions. Like where I got it
    from? And when I openly and honestly tell people actually I bought it secondhand I
    then get all these questions as to like. But how did you know to trust the person?
    How did you know it was gonna fit? How you know was the right color? So I
    thought I had better share this money saving tip with you as quickly as
    possible so that you can save some money. But also you can help save the
    environment because you buy pre-loved you're also reducing your consumption on
    this plane. Now these are the rules that I follow when buying pre-loved clothes
    and not only have they helped me save a lot of money but I have absolutely loved
    these items. Now as a special treat I'm actually gonna share with you my
    favorite dresses that I have bought pre-loved.
    And I'm going to share with you the story behind them how much money I
    actually saved, and also let you know that some of these dresses I've decided
    to let go of. I'm actually gonna sell them and pass them on. Now for the
    dresses that I'm definitely holding onto, I have managed to find some of these
    dresses on the second-hand market. So I will share those links with you, and if I
    haven't been able to I found you something pretty darn close which is
    just as good. So I really hope you enjoy this video and listen up to these
    fantastic money-saving tips. Alright rule number one I stick to the brands that I
    know. I'm a really fussy shopper there are only a few brands that I shop from. And
    the reason behind this is because I know the quality. I know the fabric. I know how
    well they wear. I know the color scheme and the pallets that they use. But most
    importantly I know what size I am. When you're buying a new brand or a brand
    that you're not that familiar with how do you know what size you are? You might
    be a size 6 with one brand or an 8 or a 10 with another it really does open up a
    lot of risks. So only by pre-loved clothes from brands
    that you have a lot of purchasing experience with. The second rule that I
    follow is they asked to see photographs of the person wearing this item. I will
    never go buy a flat lay. The reason why is when something's actually worn it may
    hang quite differently. Or the fabric might be quite stiff, or the fabric might
    be really quite sheer. When I have gone to buy something and I've quickly asked
    for a photograph of the person wearing it, and I've seen it and I've gone 'oh
    hang on that's too short' or 'that looks like it would be too tight on me' or 'that
    just isn't right the right color'. It makes a huge difference and it has
    stopped me from so many disastrous purchases where I would have ended up
    wasting money. Now if it is impossible to get a photograph of that person wearing
    that particular item. What I will go and do is google that item. So for example
    you might take a lover denim dress. And when I find it online, not only do I get
    to see real pictures of the dress with no filters and lots of different angles.
    I also get to see how other people have styled and wore on that particular item.
    So I get inspiration myself the third rule that I follow is, I will
    stick to trustworthy websites websites such as eBay, Vestiare Collective, The Real
    Real and high-end on Facebook. And I always use my PayPal account to pay for
    these things. Because then I have that layer of protection through the
    insurance so if something goes missing in the mail, or it turns up not looking
    as described. I've got a point of contact someone that can help me get my money back
    and return the item. Fifth and final rule that I follow that not only helps me
    save money, but also helps me earn and make and hustle some extra cash to put
    back into the thousand dollar project. Is when I'm done with that dress so it
    doesn't fit me anymore. Or I don't use it as much as I thought I would. I simply
    put it back on the second-hand economy. I sell that dress on and I pass it on. And
    it's a great way of bringing in some extra cash that I can use to put towards
    another second-hand dress. Or as I said put it towards the thousand dollar
    project. All right now let me share with you what I've bought and how much money
    I have saved. Starting with this Lover dress. I bought this dress on high-end on
    Facebook. Now this is a closed group on Facebook so if you want to be a part of this
    you need to add me as a friend on Facebook. So I can get you to join this
    group. It is lover, it was the size that I knew
    I'd actually tried this on this shop previously but didn't buy it because it
    was really expensive. But I have worn this dress so many times it's fantastic
    dress you can dress up and down. And I think I saved about $400 by buying this
    pre-loved. The next dress I bought was actually for the races. This is one that
    I saw online never actually went in and tried on because it sold out so quickly.
    When it came up again on high-end, I think I picked it up for like $200. Lover
    do this cut year, after year, after year. So I knew that would always stay in
    fashion. Now it's a neoprene fabric it's stretchy so I knew I was quite safe with
    the size. Being long-sleeve I knew I could wear this as it gets colder for
    racing season. And it's just a great dress and a great color scheme to
    wear with nude shoes. Which is what I have as part of my capsule wardrobe
    collection. So again I probably saved, I think at least three hundred and fifty
    dollars by buying this secondhand. The next dress that I bought I reckon I
    saved about $1,200.And I bought this from someone who I've bought dresses
    from in the past. She must have a really similar like body shape to me her
    dresses when they arrive and I buy them from her always fit perfectly.
    This is actually an Alex Perry dress I think it's retails for about eighteen
    hundred dollars and I think I paid a little less than six hundred dollars for
    this dress. It's got a zip all the way at the back which is really quite elegant.
    But it's a really classic style I knew that I could wear this a lot. I could
    wear it for a cocktail party. I can wear it to the races. I could wear it on
    channel 9. It's a really comfortable dress and
    again that savings is fantastic. And I don't think I would ever pay eighteen
    hundred's for a dress, so it's such an honor to be able to wear something as
    beautiful as this. And I get so many comments when I wear this. Now this is
    another dress it's a Victoria Beckham dress, and again
    I think Victoria Beckham dresses like go up like over $2,000. Again I think I paid I
    think around about $600 or $650 for this dress. Again similar
    and it's got a zip down the back it's a stretchy fabric it's incredibly classic.
    I've worn this to the races and I've worn this on channel 9 lots of times
    and it's a really simple classic dress that will never go out of style. So even
    though it cost me $600. It's a designer brand and I know that it's gonna last a
    lifetime it will never go out of style Next dress I want to share with you is
    actually really interesting I bought this from girl from high-end and she we
    actually kind of did a bit of a trade. She messaged me and said I've been
    wanting to come in and see you and talk to you about my finances. And have a
    consultation. So we did a bit of a trade where she bought the dress in. And she
    got to sit and talk to me about her finances and it was great. Now this dress
    would have cost probably her about I think $500 to $600. And I think I ended up
    buying it from her for about $120. And again it is very
    elegant really chic it's lace I'm really comfortable nice and long perfect for
    winter time I absolutely love it. Next dress is another fantastic savings
    I bought this from eBay. it is Dion Lee. Now Dion Lee's dresses
    is one of my favorite brands but they are really expensive. Like between $650 to,
    like some of his dresses now got $1,800. I bought this for one hundred and twenty
    dollars from eBay. It is so comfortable and it is again so classic and chic. I've
    worn this to the races I worn this to cocktail parties, I've worn this with a
    blazer over for work because it's just so stylish and elegant. And I have
    actually managed to find the exact dress on eBay for you so I will put all the
    links in the video description box below. Next one is Scanlan & Theodore. This is
    again one of my other favorite brands. Now one of my girlfriend's has this
    dress my saw it on her. I was like oh I love your dress so much. And she was getting
    so many comments about how beautiful it was. I said to her if you ever decide to
    get rid of it I will like I want first options to be able to buy it from you.
    Anyway she said no way this dress is too good so. I held a little faith and knew
    that because the secondhand economy is so big and so many girls do sell their
    dresses. Not three months later I managed to get this
    dress buy it on eBay and again. I think I saved another three hundred dollars by
    buying it secondhand. And it turned up pretty much brand new as did all the
    other dresses I've bought. I think was like worn once or twice. And again
    stretchy fabric so nice and safe. Because I'd seen it on my friend I knew the
    color and the fabric would be perfect and I'm familiar with this brand. It has been
    a great buy. And I reckon I've worn this dress probably about like 18 times. So
    my cost per wear is really low with this and I'm definitely not parting with it
    anytime soon. But I have found this in a range of other colors. As well as this
    one for you so check the links in the video description box below. Next dress
    is a Lover. Another brand that I'm really familiar with and know what size I am.
    Again beautiful cute short fun cocktail dress. Fantastic for the colder months
    with the long sleeves, but breathes a lot with the lace. A really comfortable a
    dress. Timeless, chic and elegant and again I think I picked this up for about $200 .
    Now this brand as I said it can be quite expensive you can go up to $650 if not
    more for these dresses so again. I saved at least $300 if not more by buying
    secondhand. Then the final one that I want to share with you it's an Alice
    McCall dress. Now I actually tried this on in the shop
    when it first came out. Came out in black as well and I umed and arrd for so long.
    And then finally, because I'm such a fussy shopper when I finally went to go and
    buy this dress. It had sold out. But again I had faith in the second-hand economy. I
    had a feeling this dress would turn up again and, believe it or not about three
    weeks later or if not less. I found someone selling the exact dress that I
    wanted for about three or four hundred dollars less than what it had sold for
    in the store. Now this is one of the dresses that I'm actually deciding I'm
    gonna let go of. So I will link directly my eBay account where you can see this
    for yourself and decide if you want to buy it. But it's an incredibly
    comfortable dress. So chic and so elegant and I really actually loved having this
    dress. But I've got too many white dresses so I decided I need to do a
    little bit of a cull. So with a heavy heart I'm letting this dress go to the
    second-hand economy. All right everyone I
    hope you've enjoyed this video please make sure you go and check out all the
    links below, and have a look at any of the clothes that I'm selling on eBay. It
    is a fantastic way of saving money never turn your nose up and buying pre-loved.
    You will save so much money and it also feels so good when you sell these items
    and pass them on. You're giving a beautiful dress a new adventure and a
    new journey. Have a great week everyone and don't forget you can follow me on my
    personal account @cannasass on Instagram or @sugarmammatv for the
    sugar mama account. Caio for now.
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