How it FEELS to Play Engineer in TF2

How it FEELS to Play Engineer in TF2
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    Engie: I'm movin this
    If you uh.....
    think you're better than me....
    you've got.... OOF
    (Engie screams eternally)
    Help me!
    (sniper giggles)
    Sniper: Too much!
    I am the Spy
    Spy: Oh, merde....
    (Pyro yells)
    Engie: What?
    (The screaming never stops)
    Demoman: Shit
    (Heroic music plays)
    That was a re-creation of a competitive engineer clip
    in which I had to defend my sentry gun from the entirety of Team Fortress 2!
    I mean, seriously, I had both explosive classes flanking behind my gun
    while an Uber exchange was happening right around the corner!
    I had to use my gun to stop the cart,
    then fight off a sniper that was outside of my guns range
    Of course,
    Then came their spy who was followed IMMEDIATELY
    by another push from the enemy combo as their Demoman FLEW by
    missing his target entirely.
    After I barely survived all that,
    their demoman came in a third time,
    finally succeeding by hitting three grenades at once.
    Only their scout didn't show up,
    but I think that's because he knows his place...
    (Internal screaming)
    (External screaming)
    Engie: You look a might tongue-tied, son.
    Screw you!!
    I am gonna go play Minecraft
    Engie: What?
    It's true: a sentry gun can be a very, very scary thing.
    Especially if the engineer gets a little bit creative with its placement!
    In this clip I do a...
    unnecessary sentry jump in order to put my gun in a cheeky spot.
    After terrorizing the enemy team for a while,
    I get some unwanted visitors,
    starting with this Pyro that thought that I wouldn't notice him
    if he crouched the whole time...?
    Then comes this demoman, and this scout ,and this medic,
    and I think: okay,
    Well, it seems like everybody knows where my gun is...
    They probably think that this room is a "safe zone" where they can prepare an assault...
    But what if:
    it wasn't?
    Not even ten seconds after I move the sentry,
    two people waltz right in and get punished.
    Now THAT feels great.
    See, I don't feel too much when some thoughtless pyro
    just walks by my obvious sentry spot and dies.
    that is pretty funny...
    No, I love it when my sentry gun
    is some crazy X-factor
    as I place it right in front of the enemy point
    and have to defend it from EVERYTHING!
    as a Spy saps it and it BARELY makes it
    with 8 health!
    (Engie screams)
    And I keep it up for an entire minute
    as my team trickles in and slowly caps the point
    But then we finally capture the point and you know,
    I don't really feel like my team knows how much I just did
    MEDIC: Ve did it, Kamerad!
    SPY: All in a day's work...
    (Heavy breathing, horror sounds)
    ENGIE: We make a good team...
    Those moments where you're barely able
    to defend your gun give such a rush!
    But what do you do when your gun goes down?
    Do you calmly and rationally rebuild your gun,
    I am TOOE MOTIONAL to play this class!
    As soon as my gun goes down, I just press W
    I don't care if it's my fault,
    I don't care if I shouldn't built my gun there,
    as soon as it's destroyed, I have to avenge my baby!!
    (sad music)
    That there is just a sad display boy...
    As an Engineer, it's really important that you keep your cool,
    especially when playing on defense!
    See, in this clip,
    The enemy team has just captured the second point
    I know that if I can just stay calm and
    perform optimally, I can get a good sentry base going in the back line before any of them-
    (Heavy Laughs)
    They're in our spawn
    SCOUT: How is that possible?
    Oh, I dunno, how bout YOU tell ME?!
    Okay, okay, we still have time... if I can just keep it together and build on last, I-
    I have never in my life had to ask myself so often:
    So often what the hell is my team doing?
    In this clip,
    We've been defending the last point for almost five minutes
    But maybe I should say:
    I'VE been defending this point for five minutes
    as my sniper WILLINGLY walks off the high ground
    SNIPER: Yeah, that seems about right
    And he leaves me... alone...
    ENGIE: Help!
    Not soon after, a SINGLE heavy
    starts sniping my sentry gun from afar...
    With no help,
    I have to wrangle my gun which gets me BACKSTABBED,
    (Heavy glitching out)
    But that's just how it is for an Engineer...
    your life is one of vigilance...
    You want to put your dispenser where it's gonna help the most people...
    You want to put your sentry where it's gonna protect the most people...
    In other words, you live and die by the objective.
    You'll do anything to defend the point.
    You'll hide away, always checking your back
    and staying alert knowing that your team's efforts depend on YOU...
    But oh, the faults of men...
    In this clip, I've forgotten to restock my medal
    I've got no support, no resources.
    nothing but... my body!
    (Sensual Saxophone)
    Your body is a small price to pay when people are depending on you...
    No matter how many times your buildings go down,
    you'll build, and build, and build again
    Every time you think of quitting, you just remember
    all those smiling faces depending on your buildings...
    So you build, and you build...
    your buildings are destroyed, but that's alright.
    Your team's still trying so hard...
    Just a bit more metal and...
    SCOUT: Yoink! Need a Dispenser here!
    I give up!
    Time to play BATTLE ENGINEER!
    The gunslinger is one of those items that completely changes the way you play.
    By allowing you to build a highly-replaceable mini sentry,
    It allows you to focus on upgrading and saving your more supportive buildings.
    It lets you build a sentry base anywhere!
    Like this Scout's C O R P S E
    (Engie: Evil laugh)
    SCOUT: Come on come on, keep it moving
    His flesh will serve as the soil to my blooming sentry gun...
    SCOUT: Are you freaking kidding me?
    And since you can plop the mini sentry down anywhere,
    You can use it in conjunction with the Wrangler to become a hilariously horrifying sniper!
    Like what can they do about this?
    This Heavy is trying so hard to shoot me down, but it doesn't do anything!
    I can just keep doing this forever!
    That's right, run! Ru-
    Oh shit.
    I tell you it was just like any other Tuesday when that Scout rolled into town, shot me in the back...
    And now, things've never been the same...
    And of course, if you want to,
    the mini-sentry also lets you play as an aggressive battle engineer
    ENGIE: Teleporter, Teleporter!
    ENGIE: Dispenser, Dispenser!
    ENGIE: Metal, metal, metal, metal!
    Let's do this Texas Style.
    The mini sentry liberates you to go forth and shoot those bad guys,
    And you might be surprised how much a little man with a shotgun can do!
    Look, engineer may not be BUILT for combat,
    but a gun is a gun!
    You would not believe how many times someone assumed
    I was as defenseless as a medic!
    SCOUT: Oh hey!
    Oh, no, here comes Boy Wonder for his free kill...
    SCOUT: You suck!
    SCOUT: Oh god what just happened?
    Speaking of shotguns, the engineer has some pretty cool ones!
    This one here is called the Frontier Justice!
    and it encourages you to get a little bit crazy with your sentry guns by giving you
    guaranteed critical hits based on your sentry gun's kills.
    In this clip, I barely manage to kill the soldier
    and then...
    I've killed four people...?
    (Engies Laughing)
    Welp, you take what you can get.
    Now I'm fully loaded up on crits,
    and it's hard to explain,
    but something about the anticipation of using these well-deserved critical hits
    Is just so....
    It feels great
    But where the Frontier Justice rewards you for creativity and timing,
    the Widowmaker rewards you for
    lobotomizing yourself and just shooting bad guys, since it effectively reloads every time you hit a shot
    (Epic music)
    ENGIE: That's whatcha get!
    ENGIE: Gotcha!
    ENGIE: I'm gonna tear you down.
    ENGIE: You're all right doc!
    ENGIE: Woohee!
    ENGIE: Good night Irene.
    ENGIE: Y'all gotta start prayin...
    ENGIE: 'cause I'm a GOD!
    ENGIE: You done incurred my wrath, son.
    (Engie laughs maniacally)
    Engie: Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit!
    As much as I love managing my buildings and supporting my team,
    This is my element:
    being behind the enemy lines and shooting people to my heart's content
    I'll be honest here:
    Engineer was my least played class before making this video,
    and I've always disliked "building" characters.
    But after watching all of Uncle Dane's tutorials and being as creative as possible in-game,
    I had WAY more fun than I ever thought I would.
    Basically, if I can enjoy Engineer, anyone can enjoy Engineer,
    and it's another testament to how special TF2 really is.
    UNCLE DANE: Lazy, what kind of defense is this?!?!
    So if you're like me, and didn't think engineer is for you,
    Maybe now is the time to get a little bit creative and see what you're missin...
    Okay, this is maybe a little too creative
    See, I thought I could put my sentry gun on this metal box, but it doesn't work,
    So I do the ONLY THING THAT MAKES SENSE and just kind of DROP IN
    Do not try this at home!
    I honestly don't know what I thought would happen if I did this,
    but I did it!
    And SOMETHING is happenin!
    Now I take my Wrangler out to try and get myself out of this corner,
    and I'm thinkin: well, okay.
    SOMETHIN'S gotta die
    Thank you so much for watching,
    and a special thanks to all my patrons,
    and an even specialer thanks to these patrons:
    Waffle: God of Puns, Zeaky, Fox, Sammy Leung, TrophyWaifu, FrozenSpaghetti, ddjSonic1991
    Lucky Dalmatian, David Claridge, Coleman D. Kincaid, Saocao, and Tim.
    I know this one took longer than usual, but this video was a huge learning experience, and I hope it shows.
    Your patience means the world to me, and you can expect more videos real soon
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